Ten Great Reasons to Live in Berwyn

Parks and Recreation Areas - Berwyn Neighborhood Park is a quaint and well maintained neighborhood park in the center of the community which includes basketball and tennis courts, as well as a having areas for young children to play, and picnic facilities.  Bordering on the East Side of our community is the beautiful Lake Artemesia.  In addition, the old trolley track line that use to run through the community has been converted into a bike trail that connects to other local area trails.

Neighborhood Diversity - The houses in Berwyn are very diverse, it is not unusual to find a historical home more than 100 years old alongside a recently built home. While much of the neighborhood is comprised of detached single family homes, there are town houses and a small business district. The residents that live in Berwyn are equally diverse with families raising children living respectively alongside students attending the University of Maryland.

Public Transportation - The community is served by two nearby Metrorail subway stations(College Park and Greenbelt), and regular bus service with stops along the perimeter of the neighborhood.  There is also a nearby Maryland rapid transit train station.   In addition, University of Maryland students residing on or off-campus may utilize the University's "Shuttle UM" bus service, with an expansive schedule and numerous routes radiating out from College Park.

Active Civic Association - Founded in 1885, the Berwyn District Civic Association (BDCA) is possibly the oldest active civic association in the State.   The BDCA meets twice a month, with public meeting held on the third Thursday of each month.   The civic association publishes a monthly newsletter, plans community wide events, and advocates for or opposes any legislation that effects the welfare of the community.

Numerous Community Events - The oldest event has been the Berwyn Day celebration held on the second Saturday in September. This event includes great food, arts, crafts, and games for the children.   More recently the Oktoberfest bonfire has become one of the communities most popular events.   There are many other community wide events held throughout the year such as pot luck dinners, a holiday party, neighbor clean-up day, national night out, and a community wide yard sales event.

Access to University of Maryland Events - Berwyn's famous neighbor is the University of Maryland.   The University of Maryland's main campus is walking distance from our community making it quite easy to attend numerous cultural arts performances, athletic events, and educational lectures.  The University also hosts the annual spring Maryland Day celebration which has a great number of activities for children of all ages.

The People who Live in Berwyn - Most of the residents feel a strong attachment to the neighborhood.   This is quite evident when one considers the large number of long term residents and multi-generational families living in Berwyn.   This is even more impressive when one considers the transient nature of most college towns and of the Washington D.C. region in general.   This more than anything shows how people like living in Berwyn and like the people they live with.

College Park City Services - Since Berwyn is an area within the City of College Park, the community benefits from the services provided by the City.   The community is located entirely in College Park District 2 and is well represented in the College Park governing body with two active College Park council members.

Great Job Opportunities - Besides easy access to downtown Washington D.C., Berwyn is located within minutes of several major employers.  There is an industrial Park by the train tracks that is actually part of the Berwyn neighborhood and the University of Maryland flagship campus, United States Food and Drug Administration, and the National Archives are located in College Park.

Local Schools - Like many other urban areas, the public schools in the Washington D.C. area have struggled in getting the results most parents want for their children.   The public schools in the Berwyn area have recently been seeing an improvement in their students test scores.   For those who would prefer not to send their children to a public school there are several highly rated private schools in the City of College Park including Holy Redeemer which is in the neighborhood.  Berwyn is also a catchment area for the prestigious College Park Academy that accepts both middle school and high school students. Also, many residents succeed in having their children placed in a specific public school program which tends to provide more schooling success.