The idea of a Berwyn Community Garden was brought up at the September 2007 BDCA meeting.  A group of students believe that it would be a great way to unite residents and students while creating a healthy, alternative food source for those living in the Berwyn area.  Those residents and students interested are welcomed to aid in any part of the planning process.


What is a Community Garden?

It is a designated portion of land that is divided into plots for local residents to use.  Some, such as the Master Peace Garden in Riverdale, divide the plots in half: shared by students and families.  Community gardens are often run by a self-governing set of bylaws; others elect boards in a democratic fashion, while others are run by appointed officials.


Many gardens also encourage activities such as work days, fundraisers, and social gatherings.  Community garden organizers typically say that "growing community" is as important as growing vegetables, or as the American Community Gardening Association puts it, "in community gardening, 'community' comes first"


How would Berwyn benefit from a community garden?

v     Provides a catalyst for community and neighborhood development


v     Beautifies neighborhoods


v     Produces nutritious foods and reduces family grocery budgets


v     Reduces crime


v     Preserves green space


v     Generate income opportunities and economic development


v     Creates an opportunity for recreation, exercise, therapy, and education


How can I get involved?


So far, meetings are held every Thursday at 630pm at the Berwyn Cafe.  Four areas of organization are being focused on: Outreach, Resources, Land, and Organization.


We welcome all ideas and folks living in Berwyn.  Contact for more information AND join the listserv by visiting: