Advocacy & BDCA Presentations

  National Night Out 2021: (August 2021)

  BDCA list of COVID-19 resources: (April 2020)

  College Park city officials provided the following material at our November 2019 meeting: (November 2019)

       Leaf collection plan for fiscal year 2020
       College Park tree program
       Recycling Tips
       College Park food scrap drop-off program
       College Park permit parking rules and regulations
       Parking permit map
       College Park vehicle and traffic rules and regulations
       College Park prohibited vehicle exemption permit
       Snow removal play for fiscal year 2020

  Mayor Patrict Wojahn questions and answers about the new College Park City Hall. (June 2019)

       Party of record for the Bohler Engineering Northgate Site plan also discussed at the June 2019 meeting
       Party of Record for the Bohler Engineering Northgate Preliminary plan also discussed at the June 2019 meeting

  Invitation to present a plan to bring a Chick-Fil-A restaurant at the Cass property on RT. 1 in College Park (February 2017)
       Chick-Fil-A site plan

  Letter of support for College Park's Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program Grant application to the U.S. Department of Justice (January 2017)

  Letter to the Mayor and Council expressing enthusiasm for Lidl joining our community. (September 2016)

  Letter to U.S. Department of Transportation supporting the College Park's DOT Tiger grant application. (April 2016)

  Comments from the Berwyn District Civic Association on the Variance request for a fence on 4810 Branchville Road (August 2015)

  Community appreciation letter sent to Joe Nagro for his years of dedicated service to our community (July 2015)

  Community appreciation letter sent to Steve Halpren for his project management efforts (July 2015)

  Letter to College Park City Council expressing BDCA's opposition to the County Executive's 15% property tax increase (May 2015)

  Letter from Congressman Steny Hoyer assisting the BDCA in getting Berwyn addresses listed correctly as being in College Park (April 2015)

  Letter in support of House Bill 682 - Making it easier for citizens to adopt a charter amendment (February 2015)

  Letter to the College Park Mayor and council asking them to consider more city hall location options (November 2014)

  Letter to Maryland State Highway Administration about the proposed changes to Greenbelt Road (August 2014)
       State Highway Administration's Response

  Letter to nominate Jerry Anzulovic to receive the first annual Jack Perry Community Service Award. (December 2013)
       Jerry Anzulovic wins the Jack Perry Community Service Award

  Letter to University President Dr. Loh concerning concurrent jurisdiction (March 2013)
       Dr. Loh's Response

  Letter in support of the Fishnet restaurant obtaining a alcoholic beverage license(January 2013)
       College Park testimony

 Berwyn Day policies and Berwyn Day table application (July 2011)

 Resolution on the city's 2010-2015 strategic plan and subsequent action plans
 (March 2011)

 The Dullnig's house is 100 years old!
 (December 2010)

 Open letter thanking the Washington Post for being a good neighbor (March 2010)

  Letter about lyme disease concerns in Greenbelt Park (December 2009)
       Steny Hoyer response

  Berwyn community garden presentation
 (September 2007)

  Information on the University of Maryland's east campus project (May 2007)
       Information on the proposed purple line and the Route 1 sector plan

  Rethink College Park presentation(February 2007)
       Rethink College Park web site

  Rendering of the new development at 8400 Baltimore Blvd. (route 1) (September 2006)
       July 2007 update Main entry view and South bound view

  Pawn shop letter sent to planning board chairman (September 2006)

  Redevelopment projects in College Park, MD (June 2006)

  Bike path on to Paint Branch Parkway (January 2006)
       County response

  Redevelopment of the Northgate District of College Park (June 2005)

  Letter in Opposition to conversion of a home to a two family dwelling (January 2005)

  Ridgeway property on 4906 Berwyn Road (June 2004)