Mayor & Council                                                                                     January 31, 2005

4500 Knox Road 

College Park, Maryland   20740



Dear Mayor & Council,


Many Berwyn residents are concerned with the variance request for the property on 8702 49th Avenue (MNPPC CASE # NCU-24941-2004).  The College Park Berwyn District Civic Association unanimously opposes altering the master plan and granting this request for a two family dwelling in our neighborhood.  This house has no off street parking and is not an unusually large house.  To grant this variance will not only to detrimental to the quality of life in our community it would set a bad precedence.  


As you know our neighborhood is struggling in its attempt to attract families and reduce the number of absentee landlords.  If this variance is granted our struggles will only become worse.  It is my understanding that the current owner is arguing that this house has always been non-conforming.  My reply would be that while this may be true, it certainly was done without neighborhood consent and its success in going unchallenged was in large part due to the owner residing at the residence.  It is clear that the current owner has no intent in living either in this house, nor would he be willing to live in our community.         


We would really appreciate support from the City at the Hearing scheduled on Thursday February 17, 2005.





Timothy Triplett

President of the Berwyn Civic Association