Help Support the Berwyn District Civic Association

To support the BDCA, residents of Berwyn pay a voluntary annual membership fee. We also 'd like to offer Individuals or businesses the opportunity to support the civic association. Businesses can either donate money to help sponsor a particular event such as Berwyn Day or can make a general donation to the civic association. There are three different levels of sponsorship.

  • Silver for a donation of up to $100
  • Gold for a donation between $101-200
  • Platinum for a donation above $201

    Sponsors of the BDCA will have their name or logo listed on the BDCA website ( including an optional link to your business website. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to your neighborhood and to make Berwyn businesses and residents more aware of your services.

    If you would like to show your neighbors in Berwyn how much you care about the neighborhood you share, please take advantage of this opportunity. To become a sponsor, send your donation, business name, mailing address, phone, email, web address, and contact person to: Berwyn District Civic Association, PO Box 643, College Park, MD, 20741. Make checks payable to the "Berwyn District Civic Association, Inc." Thank you for your time and your consideration.

    Any individuals or businesses who donate $25 or more will be acknowledged on the BDCA website sponsorship page.   Or, if you want to contribute, but prefer not to be acknowledged then your donation will be listed as anonymous.   In addition a donation of $25 will allow you to include a link to your business or personal website.  Those contributing $50 or more will get the additional benefit of being able to briefly describe their business (3 to 5 sentences in length).

    If you like to donate or would like more information about contributing please fill out our sponsorship form and someone from the BDCA will contact you shortly.  Any contact information you provide will not be used for any other purposes.

  • Special thanks to those who have made bonus contributions to the BDCA

    Henry & Mary Armstrong - 8700 50th Place
    Stephen Bradford - 8602 49th Avenue
    PJ and Nick Brennan - 8321 Potomac Avenue
    Erve & Ratchadawan Chambers - 5010 Quebec Street
    The Dullnigs - 8400 Rhode Island Avenue
    Emmell Land and Tree Care, LLC (Christine (Chris) Emmell, Office Manager)
    Maria William Huffer - 4709 Greenbelt Road
    Doug Hunter - 4819 Rhode Island Avenue
    Lia Imhoff - 8711 Rhode Island Avenue
    Robert & Elizabeth Kuligowski - 4914 Tecumseh St - Budgeting Life
    John & Sharon O'Brien - 8503 Potomac Avenue
    James and Sharon O'Hagan - 4800 Tecumseh Street
    Harry and Cheryl Pitt - 8200 Potomac Avenue - Pitt Brothers General Contracting
    Rita Ramm - 5067 Berwyn Road
    Norman & Jill Reese - 8710 49th Avenue
    Michelle & Terrance Rucker - 8704 49th Avenue
    Tim, Lisa, Blythe & Ealisayd - 4800 Ruatan Street - Home page
    Kevin & Lori Young - 8800 49th Avenue