Welcome to Berwyn District Civic Association (BDCA) Web Site

The BDCA mission is to stimulate interest in and to devise ways and means for the promotion of the civic, community and general welfare, giving special attention to public improvements beneficial to the Berwyn area. In its activities, it shall be strictly non-partisan, non-political and non-sectarian.  It reserves the right, however, to advocate or oppose any legislation affecting the welfare of the Berwyn area.  Regular meetings of the BDCA are held on the third Thursday of each month in Fealy Hall (4902 Berwyn Road), except for the months of July and August.  The BDCA publishes a monthly newsletter and hosts community events such as the Berwyn Day Bonfire, end of year Holiday party, and neighborhood clean-up events.  Check the "BDCA CALENDAR" for upcoming events.

Membership of the Association shall consist of citizens who reside in the Berwyn area of the City of College Park.  The Berwyn neighborhood is the area bounded on the east by the CSX railroad tracks, on the west by U.S. Route 1 (Baltimore Avenue), on the north by Maryland highway 193(University Boulevard) and on the south by the subdivision lines of Lakeland.   Members who have paid their ANNUAL DUES have the right to vote in the business of the BDCA.

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Name Position Area(s) of Concentration
Christy Dollymore President Represents the BDCA in legislative issues; Leads Board and General Membership meetings and Director of Fun
Rose Colby First Vice President Backup for President; Zoning Issues
Bob Catlin Second Vice President Backup for President; Former CP Councilmen; Real Estate & Local Zoning
Timothy Triplett Corresponding Secretary Handles correspondence pertaining to BDCA business, maintains website
Liesl Koch Recording Secretary Recorder of the minutes at the BDCA meetings
Chad Stern Director Help with Managing our finances
Dan Blasberg Director State of MD/General Assembly issues; PGFD Liaison
Dan Stafford Director Membership Chair
Jim Nealis Director Director of Berwyn News Circulation
Nick Brennan Neighborhood Watch & Treasurer PGPD, UMPD & CP Public Safety Liaison; Directs Neighborhood Watch Activities; Co-Treasurer
Elizabeth Kuligowski Newsletter Editor Assembles and edits our Newsletter
Kevin Young Director Former President

 For more information about the BDCA, send mail to president@myberwyn.org

 For web site suggestions, send mail to webmaster@myberwyn.org