Neighborhood Security & Preservation

Neighborhood Preservation Coalition (NPC):

In April of 2004, the Berwyn District Civic Association formed a new committee, the Neighborhood Preservation Task Force(NPTF) that has evolved and become the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition Inc.   The decline in both the number of families and the number of owner occupied housing is changing the character of our neighborhood.   The coalition's goals is to help preserve the quality of life in our community by maintaining the diversity and increasing the desirability for families to want to live in Berwyn.

The coalition has been working on several issues of importance to Berwyn and the surrounding communities.   They remain concerned with the high number of homes being converted to student rentals.  The NPC believes that these conversions left unchecked are bad for permanent residents and students alike.  That's why they are working to restore balance to the housing market and assist families and owner occupants in purchasing homes in our neighborhoods.  This is why the NPC organized a Homes Fair geared towards family/owner occupied buyers.

Since many of the issues are not unique to Berwyn, but rather are an issue throughout the College Park area, the task force joined with other communities the are facing the same set of problems.   Hence, the reason the NPTF became the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition.  For more information or to get to get on the NPC e-mail list - please contact either the Committee Chair Harry Pitt or the Vice Chair Kevin Young.

Berwyn Neighborhood Security Association:

In the spring of 2011, the Berwyn District Civic Association formed a new committee, entitled the "Berwyn Neighborhood Security Association". The main goal of this committee is to increase community security.

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