Berwyn Day Policies



The Berwyn District Civic Association (BDCA) sponsors a yearly neighborhood event entitled “Berwyn Day”.   The purpose of Berwyn Day is threefold: (1) to facilitate interaction and involvement in the event by community members; (2) to provide a venue of games and activities focused on involving children to help them meet and interact with others in the neighborhood; and (3) to serve as an official fundraiser to meet the cost of Civic Association activities.  To fulfill these purposes, the BDCA’s Board of Directors has adopted the following policies to provide direction for Berwyn Day Planning Committees. These policies are the basis for information requested on the application forms and the agreements made by those requesting Berwyn Day table space. 


1.   To make Berwyn Day planning and implementation more efficient, the BDCA Board has resolved that all new Berwyn Day tables must be considered and approved by the Board. 


2.   Previously established tables will continue without submission of applications as they are already Board approved.  These tables include Arts and Crafts for Kids, the Bake Sale, the Book Sale, Food and Drinks, Garden Sale, Woodworking, City of College Park, the University of Maryland, and District 21. 


3.  The Board may choose to invite or create new tables relevant to the community’s interests and/or needs.


4. Application process:






Saturday, September 10, 2011

Application for Table Space


·         Before completing this form, please read and sign the agreement on page 2.


name of applicant                                                                                                                             




city                                                               state                                                zip                             


phone                                                                                  email                                                                      


·         Describe your product and purpose of your table (include copies of all materials that will be distributed; if not yet printed, indicate when they will be available for review)


·         berwyn day help and equipment is limited; thereforre, you are responsible for bringing your own table and chairs, setting up, manning it, and for taking down.


name of person responsible for table                                                                                             




phone                                                                                  email                                                                      


·         applications can be submitted until august 20, 2011.  no applications will be accepted after this date.

·         Mail the completed form and signed agreement to Berwyn District Civic Association, P.O. Box 535, College Park, MD  20740; submit it by email on the website,, or hand deliver the two pages to a Planning Committee member (listed on the website).

·         you will be notified within 7 days after submission whether or not your application has been approved.


authorizing signature:



                                                                                                                        date submitted


print name



Berwyn day, september 10, 2011

application agreement


Please read and sign this agreement to indicate thAt you agree to the following:


Berwyn Day is a neighborhood event sponsored by community for three specific purposes.  First, it is to provide an occasion for children to experience a day of games, creative activities, and fun with other children; second, it provides a yearly occasion for neighbors to interact, get acquainted, and have fun; and third, it serves as a fundraiser for the local Berwyn District Civic Association.  It is a public event open to all, but the emphasis is on getting the neighborhood’s adults and children out for a day to enjoy each other.  Here are the rules that help us keep the day organized and fun for all.



·         Because of limited space and need for organization, the Board and Planning Committee must review applications for setting up a table during Berwyn Day. Therefore, the final day for applications to be submitted is August 20, 2011. Applications may be submitted any time before that date. Directions for submission are found on page 1.  You will be contacted about your application within 7 days of submission.

·         While Berwyn Day volunteers are glad to help if possible, the numbers of available volunteers are limited and they must attend to the needs of official Berwyn Day activities. 

·         Berwyn Day equipment and supplies are also limited and reserved for official use for scheduled events.  Please bring all equipment and supplies that you might need with you, including your table, chair(s), table cover, pencils, paper, tape, etc.

·         Set up is from 10 am to noon on Saturday, September 10, 2011.  You table must be set up during this time.  Please check in with someone from the Planning Committee to find out where your table is to be located.

·         Berwyn Day hours are from Noon to 4 PM.  Someone must be at your table throughout the day to answer questions, distribute your materials, or otherwise take care of business.  You may begin to dismantle your table at 4:00 or earlier if OK’d by a Planning Committee member.

·         Special requests or copies of materials you plan to distribute can be attached to this form.  We cannot promise that your request will be fulfilled.

·         Liability:  The presenter agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Berwyn District Civic Association and it Board and Planning Committee members from all actions, liability, claims, suits, damages, costs, or expenses of any kind which may be brought against the BDCA, officers and volunteers and any co-sponsors.  The above named also cannot be held responsible for theft, damages to any personal property or equipment, including personal injury suffered in connection with the opportunity to distribute information or to show or sell your work as you described in this agreement and signed below. 


Official Applicant                                                                                                                              


Applicant’s printed name