Berwyn District Civic Association

Thursday, September 19, 2013


1.    Agenda Item 1. Officers Present. Officers present; President Kevin Young, Vice President Harry Pitt, Vice President, Richard Morrison, Treasurer Lori Young, Director, Dan Blasberg and Editor Elizabeth Kugolowski.


2.    Agenda Item 2 Treasurerís Report Treasurer Lori Young reported the expenses and deposits.


3.    Agenda Item 3 Special Guests - Mayor Fellows, Councilmember Bob Catlin, Officer JJ Black, Captain Simms, Officer Lobin, Captain Lloyd, Lt. Dulley, Lt. Kelity, Director of Public Services, Bob Ryan and James Bond, Office of Student Conduct


4.    Captain Lloyd and Captain Simms, District 1 Prince Georges County Police addressed recent crime in last two weeks.Issues with theft and auto thefts.Made apprehensions settling down but major spike in breaking in houses.Break in occurring, houses unlocked coming in through windows and doors.A lot were unlocked but not all.District One has Increased patrols. Combined effort with city contract officers.PG Police to collaborate with University of Maryland in new areas of concurrent jurisdiction, which includes Berwyn.Captain Simms: Recent criminal activity involves access from the trolley trail path from Lakeland.The latest trend that is disturbing is night time burglaries.Using open windows to their advantage no specifics on investigations.Police are working on leads and believe suspects are from out of area.questions on finger prints and have gotten a lot of finger prints.Burglaries fall behind murders, rapes when investigating.Three examiners certified to examine fingerprints in PG county.Currently, 90% of District One budget in OT is spent in Berwyn.Periods of time we wonít see marked police.Strong presence of unmarked cars.Tips for not becoming a victim:targeting houses of student with lots of computers, not looking for big items, looking for laptop, ipads, iphones, kindles, ipods; exterior lighting; hide laptops; donít leave electronics in car.Berwyn nice neighborhood, burglars come here to get nice things.Working with neighborhood to protect themselves. Leave outside lights on.Light up neighborhood. ††Donít answer door if you donít know the person.Flick light to let visitor know someone is here but not answering. If something doesnít look right call.We can help.Stress enough please call.Help as much as possible.


Lt. Dulley: ††Please record serial numbers of your valuables.Over the last 4-5 years stolen laptops have been sold to students in and around campus.Apple laptops sold to students for $200.They know something is wrong to buy $200 item worth $1700.Pawn shops record serial numbers.Use cell phone to take pictures of serial numbers.Always record serial numbers.


Simms:security surveys are available from police department.Good tool good outreach.Some to business or home evaluate circumstances around structure..such as bushes, locks, windows that donít lock.Fresh set of eyes knowing whatís good or bad.Make house more defensive.Same mindset.Send the criminals elsewhere.Whatever we can do to help through outreach.Many things we can do thatís free.People donít take advantage until awareness is raised.When in doubt call.††911 and non emergency not much differentcall as soon as something doesnít seem right.Spike in crime school just started.F


Officer Black announced coffee club at Jasonís deli on Knox Road.Every Wednesday at 9:00 am. Please attend. You can borrow engraver from District one to engrave personal property. Please take advantage of home security evaluations.


Motion to accept financial report as of 9/20. Motion carried.


Motion to accept minutes from June meeting Blasberg.Motion carried.


President Young opened discussion on Student Code of Conduct and introduced Bob Ryan and James Bond.

Bob Ryan, Director of Public Services, City of College Park

James Bond, Office of Student Code of Conduct

The university expansion of student of conduct applies to all students regardless of residence.They will investigate if reported action will be taken.Assaults, noise, theft, hazing dui, weapons. If you see anything please call 911 or code enforcementwith expansion and concurrent jurisdiction they will be made aware.



Bond:promoting to inform, freshman outreach.Tell student is that if they can get in trouble on campus they can get in trouble off campus.Action can be taken.Probation.Student are fearful of actions affecting record.Report through office website†† criminal activity call police.Recurring noise issue call code enforcement.Good Samaritan policy.


Distributed literature to all attendees.

Kevin:a lot of confusion when to call 911 and when not to.Clarify process of asking for a permit.City requires solicitors to obtain a permit.Non-profit free other $1.00,Freedom of speech.

Keleti:9-9 solicitors.You can place a no solicitors sign on your home.Reviewed county regulations and Ryan talked about city regulations.Call police if solicitors become abusive.

President Young expressed appreciation to Dan Blasberg for getting rid of donation boxes behind Village Pump. Dan spent a great deal of his personal time working to have these boxes removed.

Councilmember Catlin Reported on status of new sidewalk in the 4700 block of Berwyn Road, The bike share program, the closure of the Seven Seas and the intent to develop the rest of the Enclave property.

Chris and Marina Dullnig expressed interest in reestablishing the graffiti paint out squad

Meeting adjourned at 9;45 pm.