Berwyn District Civic Association

Thursday, June 20, 2013

1. Agenda Item 1. Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Lori Young reported the expenses and deposits

for the past two months. The April balance was $4,048.53. Since then, there have been $355 in
deposits and $350.86 (MInuteman Press), $41.94 (website fee), and $330 (P.O. Box fee) in
expenses, leaving us a balance of $3,680.73. (The balance includes $1,770 of camera funds.)
A motion to adopt the Treasurer’s report was made, seconded, and passed.

2. Agenda Item 2. Officers Present. Officers present were President Kevin Young, 1st Vice President Harry Pitt, Recording Secretary Liesl Koch, Treasurer Lori Young, and Board of Directors Dan Blasberg and Michele Garnes.

3. Agenda Item 3. Hollywood Farmers Market. A representative from the farmers market in

Hollywood invited Berwyn residents to attend the weekly market, Saturdays from 8 to 12,
which will be held in the parking lot of REI. It is partnering with MOMS. They currently have 18

4. Agenda Item 4. Minutes. A motion was made and seconded to adopt minutes from the May

2013 meeting into the record. The motion passed.

5. Agenda Item 5. Old Business. There was no old business.

6. Agenda Item 6. New Business. There was no new business.

7. Agenda Item 7. President’s Report. President Young reported that he had executed an agreement with Holy Redeemer to allow us use of Fealy Hall for our meetings for next year. The meetings will take place on the third Thursday of each month, as usual.

President Young received a letter from UMD President Loh in response to our letter about concurrent jurisdiction. The letter arrived too late to be printed in this month’s “Berwyn News.” The gist of the letter is that the University is not willing to extend concurrent
jurisdiction to our neighborhood at this time, but it might be possible in the future. It took over three months to get a reply. The letter will be posted on our website.

8. Agenda Item 8. 2013 Maryland General Assembly Report. Delegate Joseline Pena‐Melnyk of the 21st District reported on the 2013 legislative session. The issues she talked about include: gambling, same‐sex marriage, the Dream Act, the gun bill, expanding Medicaid for the poor, health care exchanges, telemedicine, medical marijuana, repeal of the death penalty, requiring automatic fibrillator availability and training at county and municipal pools, the establishment of a palliative care pilot program, requiring certain education and credentials in order to do embalming work in a funeral home, creation of an Alzheimer’s Committee, enacting an overdose response program, regulation of plastic surgeons, requirement of expedited licensing for veterans, increasing the tax on gasoline, getting funds to pay for renovation and extension of the Pregnancy Aid Center, etc.

Senator James C. Rosapepe talked about the gasoline tax and transportation. He’s very
optimistic about the Route 1 project. The MARC line will get two additional trains during the day, giving people who use it during the day a bit more flexibility. Funds were allocated for additional double‐decker trains, to reduce the crowding. The next stage of development for the Purple Line will be funded. A public/private partnership has been set up so we can get private dollars. Some money had been borrowed from the Transportation Trust Fund, but it was paid back. There will be money for bridge repairs, bike paths, etc.
The owner of the Fishnet will need to apply for a liquor license if he wants to serve liquor there; however, the property is now eligible to apply.
The College Park Academy will open this August. The State is providing $500K to help with its start‐up costs.
A financing structure to promote windshore production off the coast of Maryland is being set up. The Atlantic coast is very windy. There’s a lot of interest in seeing if we can what they do in Denmark, which gets 20 percent of its energy from wind farms. It’s a cleaner and more stable source of energy. Once you make the investment, the “fuel” is free.
Barbara Frush co‐sponsored a spay‐neuter bill that was passed and that should reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs in the state.
Because early voting lines were so long last year, the State is trying to get the word out about more early voting locations. Beginning in 2016 you will be able to register and vote on the same day in Maryland. The State is requiring that more early vote locations be available.
The Board of Education has been expanded by four members. The Board of Education and the County Executive were not combining forces the way they needed to, as the incredibly high turnover of school superintendent shows.
Other topics Senator Rosapepe addressed, at the request of audience members, were: his position on Bill 281 (the “gun” bill), the State budget, and the “rain” tax.
Senator Rosapepe met with someone at the University of Maryland to clarify what the Student Code of Conduct will mean in terms of neighborhood residents troubled by student behavior. The University is “ready, willing, and able” to brain and brief citizens; we could arrange for her to come to a BDCA meeting. The students will be liable to the Student Code of Conduct this fall. The University police recommend that a resident try to involve the contract police as a first line of defense, since that police has the authority to ask the student for his or her ID.

9. Agenda Item 9. City Councilman Report. Councilman Bob Catlin reported that work has begun on the Denny’s restaurant that is supposed to open in September.

The University’s new Chief Development Officer was formerly a long‐time Facilities person. The University has an RFP out for a hotel next to the Rossborough Inn.
The University is trying to get the rbridge finalized over on the Cafritz property. There has been some interest in the development of the Knox Box area.
There will be a work session on the parking problem on 48th Avenue. Residents requested
Councilman Catlin that the City not make a decision without consulting them first.

10. Agenda Item 10. Election of Officers: The following slate of officers was put forward by the nomination committee:

President – Kevin Young
First Vice President – Harry Pitt
Second Vice President – Richard Morrison
Treasurer – Lori Young
Corresponding Secretary – Tim Triplett
Recording Secretary – Liesl Koch
Newsletter Editor – Elizabeth Kuligowski
Neighborhood Watch – Kevin Carter
Director – Dan Blasberg
The names were read aloud. Nominations from the floor were asked for. The slate was elected.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:00pm.

Meeting Attendees (from sign‐up sheet):

Dan Blasberg Bob Catlin Michele Garnes
Maureen Grayzeck
Doug Hunter
Karyn Keating‐Volke
Liesl Koch
Larry Knox
Beth McAllister
Marc McCaslin
Karen Pasta
Harry Pitt
Novalec Slezak
Tom Slezak
Kennis Ternini Forrest Tyler Sandy Tyler Donna Weene Larry Wenzel Nancy Wenzel Kevin Young
Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA