Berwyn District Civic Association Thursday, June 19, 2008
  1. Agenda Item 1. Introductions. Jerry Anzulovic, President of the BDCA, called the meeting to order.
  2. Agenda Item 2. Treasurer’s Report. BDCA has a balance of $903.76 and no outstanding bills. Tim has set up electronic PayPal on BDCA’s website that people can use to pay dues. BDCA received a thank you note from WAMU for the donation BDCA made in Greg’s memory. A move was made, seconded, and accepted to accept the Treasurer’s report.
    1. Agenda Item 3. Starlite Plaza. A motion was made, seconded, and accepted for BDCA to go on record as not opposing the Starlite Plaza development. The developers will present a detailed site plan for the Park and Planning Commission one week from today. (The City’s master plan is for student housing is to be confined to the west side of Route 1 up to
    2. 193. There will be approximately 2,000 beds between the north gate of the University and
    3. 193. The University police will monitor the student housing on that side of Route 1, although this commitment is not in writing. The P.G. County police will also patrol that area.) Regarding the Starlite Plaza, there will be retail on the street level of the building. The developer claims it will be a “green” building – passive heat, recapture of rainwater, etc. If approved, construction will begin in the fall. They might run into more problems than anticipated because of the steep descent to the Little Paint Branch. The developer will have to work with the Corps of Engineers. The developer says he’ll put a pathway over to the existing bridge crossing the stream. There’s a grade difference between the Starlite Plaza’s property and the other side of the stream. Starlite Plaza will be built according to set-backs as established by the Route 1 plan.
  3. Agenda Item 4. Elections. Jack Perry nominated Jerry Anzulovic for President. Kevin Young is the candidate for 1st Vice President. We still need a candidate for 2nd Vice President. Tim Triplett agreed to serve as Corresponding Secretary and Webmaster. Liesl Koch agreed to serve as Recording Secretary. Lori Young agreed to serve as Treasurer. Jack Perry and Harry Pitt agreed to be on the Board of Directors; we still need one more. Kevin Carter agreed to serve as the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. We need a new editor for the Berwyn News. The candidates were accepted by acclamation.
  4. Agenda Item 5. Awards Presentation. Russell Robinette was honored for his selfless service to Berwyn by picking up litter throughout the neighborhood on an almost daily basis.
  5. Agenda Item 6. College Park Reports from Our Council Representatives. Jack Perry reported that the dedication for the City’s parking garage will be carried out tonight. They have already begun to start casting the concrete – it needs to dry for about 28 days. The parking garage will be completed in about 10 months. It will be located behind Bentley’s, and will be about 4 stories high.

Plans for the East Campus Development are moving fast. The steam plant will not move

the high pressure steamline and fuel tanks will stay. There will be housing, a full service hotel, lots of retail space, and graduate (and then, later, undergraduate) housing. The development will extend all the way down to the bike path crossing Paint Branch Parkway. The plan will go before the Board of Public Works in October for approval. The full faith and credit of the City will not be at risk.

City taxes will increase. About $500K of the increases will go to hire three P.G. County police to work exclusively in College Park. They will supplmenet the off-duty police that work with the City part-time. These police have done a lot. You can also see them on bicycles. They’ll assist the beat officer if necessary. They’ll respond to break-ins, suspicious activity, etc. Kevin Davis, the Commander of the Hyattsville district, had 66 cops in Langley Park a couple of weeks ago.

The City has taken delivery of all the new trash trucks.

“Blue cart” recycling bins will be distributed gradually, being phased in according to trash route. All recycling except cardboard and plastic bags can go in these blue carts. If recycling participation increases, our tipping fees will go down. If you put things in the blue cart that you shouldn’t, you’ll get a notice on the door. Some communities have already gotten their blue carts.

A street sweeper has come through. The City has contracted for paving in the City. It will all take place in the northern end of the City, but if you think your street needs paving, call the City and let them know. Jerry Anzulovic said that the coming development off Greenbelt Road on the other side of the tracks will include studio apartments that will rent for $2,800 a month.

Of all the foreclosed properties in the City, only one sold for less than the asking price. If a foreclosed property is abandoned, the City will put a lien on the property for any maintenance and grass-cutting of lawn it does. The City is not allowed to maintain the property of a house affected by bankruptcy proceedings.

The meeting was adjourned at ____ pm.

Meeting Attendees (from sign-up sheet):

Jerry Anzulovic Jack Perry Frank Denevan Judy Popadivik Mary Anne Denevan Marion Robinette Michelle Denevan Russell Robinette Liesl Koch Sam Robinette Bonnie O’Donoghue Terrance Rucker Emma O’Donoghue Jesse Seiter Keelin O’Donoghue Lori Young

Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA.