Berwyn District Civic Association Thursday, June 18, 2009
  1. Agenda Item 1. Roll Call for Officers. The meeting was called to order at 8:05pm by BDCA President Jerry Anzulovic. Minutes from the May 2009 meeting were approved and entered into the record.
  2. Agenda Item 2. College Park Ethics Commission. Forrest Tyler, Chair of the City’s Ethics Commission for the past 4 years, reported that the Committee has revised the City’s code of ethics. The new rules become effective June 30th. The new code will prevent someone on the City Council from advocating directly on issues that would involve their neighborhood. They can vote on the a budget item that involves their neighborhood if they sign a statement saying that there is no conflict of interest. They can’t advocate for their particular district. One of our City Councilmen couldn’t testify on behalf of a neighbor of his who wanted a variance, for example.
  3. Agenda Item 3. Election of Officers. The following individuals were nominated and elected to offices in BDCA: Kevin Young, President; Harry Pitt, First Vice President; Tim Triplett, Corresponding Secretary; Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary; Lori Young, Treasurer; Jerry Anzulovic, Harry Pitt, and Terrance Rucker, Board of Directors; Kevin Carter, Neighborhood Watch Director; and Antoinette Byrd, Berwyn News Editor.
  4. Agenda Item 4. Recognition of Russell Robinette. BDCA recognized Mr. Russell Robinette, “a true citizen of the community,” for his tireless efforts on behalf of keeping the neighborhood clean and litter-free.
  5. Agenda Item 5. Treasurer’s Report. Kevin Young gave an abbreviated report on behalf of the Treasurer, who was unable to attend. BDCA has a balance of $849. There were 4 new memberships this month. The cost of printing this month’s newsletter was $124.
  6. Agenda Item 6. Miscellaneous. There are no BDCA meetings for the month of July and August. However, planning for Berwyn Day (always the first Saturday after Labor Day) will involve one or two meetings over the summer. Andy Fellows, who has been a member of the City Council for 6 years but is not currently serving, has announced that he is running for Mayor. He represented the 3rd district and has been Chair of the Committee for a Better Environment. He looks forward to getting to know people in the City. He lives int he City but thinks it can be better and is particularly interested in improving the local schools.
  7. Agenda Item 7. Councilmen’s Report. Bob Catlin reported that construction will begin soon at the Starview Plaza (the site is next to the Jiffy Lube). It will be a seven-story “green” building and should attract attention. The management has an agreement with the University where residents who can’t park in the building’s parking lot will be able to park on campus. There is an erosion problem in the stream behind the site; the Army Corps of Engineers will probably be fixing that problem.

Jack Perry reported that the City will spend over $2 million to rejuvenate Duval Field. Residents should call the Department of Public Works to report foreclosed houses that need the lawn mowed. The City will mow the lawn and charge a lien against the property for the cost. The Council only as two meetings in the summer. Jack officially thanked Jerry Anzulovic for his work as President. The State is still studying Route 1. Currently there is no money from the State to fix it, although Park and Planning has come up with some nice plans.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Meeting Attendees:

Gail Anzulovic Janet McCaslin Jerry Anzulovic Jack Perry

G. Breighmer Harry Pitt Andrea Carpentieri Russell Robinette Robert Catlin Sam Robinette Frank Denevan Terrance Rucker Mary Ann Denevan Tim Triplett Chris Dullnig Forrest Tyler Marina Dullnig Sandra Tyler Andrew Fellow Larry Wenzel Doug Hunter Kevin Young

Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA