Berwyn District Civic Association Thursday, June 17, 2010
  1. Agenda Item 1. Roll Call for Officers. The following officers were present: Mr. Kevin Young (President), Mr. Harry Pitt (1st Vice President), Mr. Timothy Triplett (Corresponding Secretary), Recording Secretary (Liesl Koch), Treasurer (Ms. Lori Young), and Mr. Jerry Anzuovic (Board of Directors).
  2. Agenda Item 2. Approve minutes from May meeting. A motion to accept the minutes from May 2010’s meeting into the official record was made, seconded, and approved.
  3. Agenda Item 3. Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Lori Young announced the Treasurer’s report (attached). The previous balance was $4,052.06. Deposits made since the last report equal $105 (two memberships, ad revenue, and a donation). $210.30 was paid (or will be paid) to Minuteman Press for printing the newsletter. $248.38 was spent on last month’s potluck (for supplies and for the moonbounce). That leaves a current balance of $3,698.38. The $600 spent on the new neighborhood directory will come out of that.

A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, subject to audit, was made, seconded, and approved.

4. Agenda Item 4. New Business. Officer Black, a new COPS officer, asked for the opportunity to introduce himself. He joined the force in 2005. We should feel free to contact him if we have any questions. Tim Triplett will add contact information for Officer Black on BDCA’s website. Officer Black’s beat is College Park, the University of Maryland, and Acredale. He’s new and so is still learning how he will be interacting with College Park’s contract officers. Tracy Samuel, from College Park Youth and Family Services, who had given a presentation at the April 2010meeting, came back to follow up with answers to some questions that had been asked at that meeting. She will be leaving the center in August, and introduced Ms. Stacy Cole, who will be replacing her. The center’s budget is $700,000. Most of that comes from the City of College Park; about $80,000 comes from the state of Maryland. They receive 5 to 12 referrals from the Department of Justice. Five to 10 percent of the cases involving teens that they see are drugor recoveryrelated. Someone asked about gang activity in College Park. Ms. Samuel said that there are gang members here but a lot of their activity takes place outside the area. They do see a lot of schoolskipping events however. They see a lot of young people who are referred to them because their behavior has suddenly changed or because they have started hanging out with people who are suspected to be in gangs.

The center offers field trips at reduced costs to senior citizens.

Marina Dullnig asked to speak. She thinks the BDCA newsletter isn’t being widely read because

people who didn’t respond to the newsletter’s plea to submit updated information for the

neighborhood directory later said, when they were contacted personally, that they hadn’t seen the

information about it in the newsletter. Also, Ms. Dullnig recommends that the agenda of the

upcoming BDCA meeting that is always printed in the righthand column of page 1 of the newsletter

be more specific. “New businessdoesn’t give readers enough information to know whether they

want to attend the meeting or not. She thinks the published agenda should include more specific

information about what will be discussed. The Board will take this up for discussion when they

meet during the summer.

Bob Catlin said that he thinks the Association should do something to express gratitude to Ms.

Antoinette Byrd, editor of the Berwyn News for the past three years. Ms. Michele Garnes has agreed to become the new editor. Ms. Garnes suggested that she and Ms. Dullnig get together during the summer to discuss how they could “zipthe newsletter up in order to attract more readers.

  1. Agenda Item 5. Unfinished Business. There was no unfinished business from the last meeting to discuss.
  2. Agenda Item 6. Election of Officers. Mr. Harry Pitt, 1st Vice President, read the names of the BDCA officer nominees into the record. They are Mr. Kevin Young for President, Mr. Harry Pitt for 1st Vice President, Mr. Timothy Triplett for Corresponding Secretary, Ms. Liesl Koch for Recording Secretary, Ms. Lori Young for Treasurer, Mr. Jerry Anzulovic on the Board of Directors, Mr. Kevin Carter for Neighborhood Watch Director, and Ms. Michele Garnes for Berwyn News Editor. Mr. Gene Bauer has agreed to run for 2nd Vice President. There remains a vacant spot on the Board of Directors, but the Association has the ability to add Board members at any time. The new officers were voted in by a show of hands.

7. Agenda Item 1. President’s Report. President Young mentioned two events that will take place during the summer National Night Out Against Crime, and Berwyn Day (Berwyn Day takes place in September, but we won’t be having another meeting before that event). He oung will email Officer Black information about these events. The Washington Post finally cut the grass on the two residential properties adjacent to the old Post facility that it still owns. It’s unclear what the Post will do with those two properties. The Bylaws Committee will meet over the summer. Mr. Triplett will send out an email reminder to the members. The neighborhood directory has been printed and some have already been distributed. Someone in the audience asked how copies were being distributed to businesses with ads appearing in the directory. Ms. Dullnig said that the advertisers were not promised a copy, although at least one asked for a copy of the cover and of the page containing their ad. Ms. Dullnig is also going to send a letter to the advertisers saying that if we have a blank page in a future issue of the newsletter, we will print “thanksto them. President Young said that we might want to consider giving the advertisers a copy of the directory with the proviso that the addresses will not be used for commercial purposes. Bob Catlin pointed out that we do not pay the printer for a blank page in the newsletter, so if we included a message of thanks, we would be paying for that page. President Young pointed out that we got a generous amount of money from the advertisers. He also reminded everybody that we were expected to submit a report to the City about the directory. (When the City agreed to contributes funds toward the directory’s publication, it was on condition that we follow up with a report about its usefulness.) The first tangible result of its usefulness was received in the mail this very day. It was a letter from D. McAllister. Mr. Harry Pitt read the letter into the record.

President Young stated again that the Board would be meeting over the summer. At last month’s meeting, Ms. Lia Imhoff expressed concern about the email addresses on our listserv perhaps it is time to cull it (President Young added that there are a lot of names on it that he is unfamiliar with). The Board will discuss this this summer, but won’t make a decision before discussing it at the September BDCA meeting.

8. Agenda Item 8. City Council Report. Councilman Jack Perry stated that there are a number of new businesses coming to College Park, such as Best Buy in the old Linens n Things building and a Super Hamburger Stand in one of the new buildings on Baltimore Avenue. The Maryland Book Exchange


building is for sale.

During WSSC work on 48th Avenue, it was discovered that the sewage lines running from some houses joined lines running from other houses before meeting with the main line. Those lines will be separated.

The City’s new parking garage is completed. Ledo’s Pizza has finally completed the County permitting process and will move in to its new location in the garage sometime in August.

A truckload of brush was left in the middle of the street on Pontiac Street.

If you see something that looks out of the ordinary, call the City and ask for a City employee to determine whether there’s a violation of the City’s code.

Mr. Russell Robinette’s photo appeared in the Gazette again, accompanying a story about his receiving a certificate from the City acknowledging his help for keeping the City clean. The Gazette article failed to mention that Mr. Robinette was also given $100 from REI.

City Councilman Bob Catlin had no report.

9. Agenda Item 1. Other. President Young thanked everyone for participating. Ms. Dullnig said that there’s a leaking WSSC valve on Quebec Street, near the bike trail crossing,

that she has called WSSC multiple times about.

There’s also a public safety issue where Quebec Street crosses the bike path.

Officer Black stated that there was a robbery at the College Park metro today. He reminded us that criminals target people who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. Ms. Michele Garnes suggested that Officer Black write up a short piece for the BDCA newsletter just a paragraph stating who he is, contact information, etc.

The next time BDCA will meet will be in September.

The meeting adjourned at 9pm.

Meeting Attendees:
Jerry Anzulovic Liesl Koch
Robert Catlin Jack Perry
Marina Dullnig Harry Pitt
Michele Garnes Tracy Samuel
Stacie Gold Tim Triplett
Harvey Himmelfarb Margaret Himmelfarb Robert Weber Lori Young
Doug Hunter

Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA.