Berwyn District Civic Association

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Agenda Item 1.  Roll call for officers

  1. The meeting was called to order by Tim Triplett at 8:05 PM.  Also present were officers and board members Jerry Anzulovic, Andrea Carpentieri, Amy Noggle, Jack Perry, Harry Pitt, Sandy Tyler, and Kevin Young,.

Agenda Item 2. Minutes from last meeting

  1. The minutes from the meeting on May 19, 2005 were accepted into the permanent record.

Agenda Item 3. Presentation: Update on Northgate Development Project and Los Cabos restaurant

  1. Mark Vogel and Jennifer Everly, JD, presented their proposal for the Northgate Condominiums. The plan is to build high-rise condominium properties, marketed toward people who are affiliated with the University but do not live in the area.  The property is expected to be the most expensive condominiums in Prince George’s County. 
    1. Property features are to include:

                                                               i.      19 stories, 235 units, selling from $250,000 - $400,000

                                                             ii.      the developers hope to guarantee, in writing, owner-occupancy at a certain percentage of units;

                                                            iii.      the property will encourage use of alternative modes of transportation: residents will be permitted to use Shuttle-UM and encouraged to use the existing pedestrian bridges to access the University;

                                                            iv.      with the cooperation and approval of the State Highway Administration, a service road is planned to parallel Route 1, with a traffic light in front of the property

                                                              v.      parking will be above-ground; a 1 bedroom condo will have one parking space; 2 and 3 bedroom units will have two spaces.

                                                            vi.      mixed use retail on the ground floor

    1. Financing: 

                                                               i.      Monument Realty, a successful high-rise builder, has given a finance commitment. 

                                                             ii.      A TIF is in place; TIFs are used to stimulate revitalization, and are structured so that no taxes are currently paid to the county.  The TIF will be in place for 25 years.

                                                            iii.      The developers will contribute $250,000 - $300,000 toward the mitigation and stabilization of Paint Branch Creek.

    1. Groundbreaking is planned for Spring 2006; building is expected to take 2 years.  Any Berwyn residents who are interested in purchasing a unit should contact Mr. Vogel to get on the list of prospective buyers.
  1. Los Cabos restaurant, a chain restaurant planned for Route 1 next to the Taco Bell, has received a liquor license.  The owner says there will be a small bar.  The restaurant is planning to open in June.

Agenda Item 4.  Presentation on the College Park Area Homes Fair: Heather Iliff

  1. The College Park Area Homes Fair, a project of the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition, the City of College Park, and the College Park City-University Partnership, is scheduled for Saturday, July 30, 2005, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
    1. The goal of the Homes Fair is to highlight College Park and the surrounding area as vibrant and affordable communities.

                                                               i.      Real estate agents and home sellers are encouraged to hold Open Houses on the day of the Homes Fair.

                                                             ii.      Fraternity Row Field at the University of Maryland will be used as the central location; maps of open houses, information booklets about the area, refreshments, and a schedule of events will be available.

                                                            iii.      The Fair will be marketed throughout the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area.

    1. A well-attended planning meeting was held Saturday, June 18.

                                                               i.      There will be additional planning meetings; anyone who is interested in volunteering should contact Heather Iliff.

                                                             ii.      Volunteers are needed to reach out to nonprofit organizations and community groups, to bring the Fair to their awareness and encourage them to set up a table on the Fair day.

                                                            iii.      Two additional planning meetings are scheduled for Saturday, July 9, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM; and Monday, July 18 at 7:30 PM.

    1. A suggestion was made to have House and Garden Tours on the day of the Homes Fair in 2006.
    2. Prince George’s County regulates fences six feet high and over, for the entire perimeter of the yard; the city did not previously have any regulations regarding fences.

Agenda Item 5: BDCA Elections

  1. Using the presidential prerogative, Mr. Triplett suggested some changes to the offices and officers:
    1. Mr. Triplett created a Website Committee and appointed himself web administrator.  He also removed himself from consideration as a member of the Board of Directors. 
    2. Mr. Triplett made a motion to amend the Bylaws to specify that Recording Secretary could be a shared position.  Mr. Pitt seconded the motion; the motion passed.
    3. Neighborhood Watch was made a permanent committee of the BDCA.
    4. The Berwyn News Editor position was changed to an appointed, not elected, position.
    5. Mr. Triplett suggested that the BDCA develop an Events Committee, which would be responsible for planning special events.
    6. Ms. Tyler resigned as the director of the Crafts Committee.
    7. All nominations for 2005-2006 officers were accepted, and the new Board elected.

Agenda Item 6: Treasurer Update:

  1. Al Cutino, the BDCA treasurer, was not present; there was no treasurer update.

Agenda Item 7: Committee Updates

1.       Neighborhood Preservation Coalition: 

a.       The NPC’s current project is the College Park Area Homes Fair, summarized above.

b.       Mr. Pitt and Mr. Young are designing NPC buttons that members can wear to court appearances.

2.       Welcoming Committee: Amy Noggle

a.       Ms. Noggle reported that the committee has ordered materials, obtained items from businesses, and has the bags ready for stuffing. 

b.       Theresa Shute has offered to donate samples of Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Neighbors are invited to include samples or coupons; contact Ms. Noggle with inquiries.

c.       This committee’s next meeting will be the second Thursday in July.

Agenda Item 8: Civic Association Update: National Night Out

1.       National Night Out will be held on August 2, 2005. 

a.       Mark Seaton has offered to serve as coordinator.

b.       Mr. Young will prepare a flyer for the event.

c.       This year, the City will not have a big event.  Berwyn would like to hold an event and invite the Lakeland community. 

d.       Plans include a neighborhood walk, with ice cream at the park afterward, as costs allow.  Janeen Miller will be asked to check with the City to see whether funding is available for refreshments.

Agenda Item 9: College Park Reports from our Council Representatives: Jack Perry

1.       At a meeting of the Advisory Planning Committee, a variance was granted for one side of a building, as long as a carport on the other side is removed.  There is good enforcement of zoning within the city.

2.       The City will continue to pursue acquisition of two lots in the downtown area, next to RJ Bentley’s and the Cornerstone Grill.  The lots are sought for revitalization or for the construction of parking.

3.       A contract was awarded for the sale of a residential property in College Park Woods.  A portion of the net proceeds will be awarded to the West College Park Civic Association to be donated to the Swim Club.

4.       The proposed developer of the Starlight site is not in compliance with the agreement with the City; there will be changes to the development plan.  There are also engineering challenges presented by the presence of 18 feet of unstable trash fill.  The property is owned jointly by a private party and the City.

5.       Negotiations continue with the Branchville Fire Department regarding the relocation of City Hall.

6.       The Municipal Scene in the Gazette will begin running articles highlighting City committees.  Anyone interested in volunteering for a committee should contact Mr. Perry or Bob Catlin.

7.       City elections will be held this year; all offices are up for election. 

8.       Road works:

a.       A court date has been set regarding the disposition of Mr. Jenkins’ gravel lot on Berwyn Road.  The trial, before a judge (NOT a jury trial) will take place August 9 through 11 in Upper Marlboro.  The City has hoped to acquire the property so that the hiker-biker path can be contiguous.

b.       City planning staff are working to develop a better way to cross Greenbelt Road at the hiker-biker path. 

c.       The Berwyn Road streetscape is scheduled to be completed this year.  49th Avenue is scheduled to be repaved and reconstructed from Ruatan Street to Greenbelt Road; this might happen in 2005.

d.       The City has a map of the proposed bridge at Branchville Road over Route 193 to Greenbelt.  Interested citizens are encouraged to stop by City Hall during business hours to view the map.

e.       Rumble strips will be installed on Paint Branch Parkway at the hiker-biker crossing.

9.       Building works:

a.       The Friends School will move to Greenbelt.  Currently, there are no plans for the site.

b.       Springhill Lake apartments will be redeveloped to become a mid-rise apartment complex.  The redevelopment, which will double the population, will begin in late fall.



Meeting Attendees:


Jerry Anzulovic

Steve Brayman

Gordon Breighner

Heather Iliff

Chuck Ireton

Debbie Mims

Kris Moss

Amy Noggle

Bill Noggle

Jack Perry

Harry Pitt

Judy Popadiuk

Carol Savard

Mark Seaton

Tim Triplett

Forrest Tyler

Sandy Tyler

Larry Wenzel

Kevin Young


Andrea Carpentieri, Recording Secretary, BDCA