Berwyn District Civic Association

 May 19, 2011


The following officers were present:

President, Kevin Young, Vice President, Harry Pitt, Treasurer, Lori Young, Director, Jerry Anzulovic, Kevin Carter, Michele Garnes, Editor


Special Guests:  Mayor Andy Fellow , Former Mayor Steve Brayman

Russell Robinette, Berwyn’s Good Will Ambassador


Minutes from April meeting were amended to include the following:

            Traffic problems at 49th Avenue and Greenbelt Road. 

A motion to accept the minutes from April 2011 was then made, seconded, and passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Lori Young reported an ending balance of $3,112.97.  A deposit of $15.00 was reported.  Deduction for the newsletter and the rental of the PO Box were $210.30 and $200.00 respectively.  A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made and seconded, and passed.


Item 1              President Young presented Russell Robinette with a hooded jersey at May’s meeting recognizing his volunteer work in the Berwyn community.  Lori Young coordinate a brief reception with refreshments.


Item 2              Kevin Carter presented and demonstrated the neighborhood safety camera initiative.  BDCA membership will be menu driven to include the following: 

            a)  a member who provides community access to video feeds

            b)  a member who donates equipment or funds

            c)  a member who acquires video equipment


More information will be provided on the BDCA website


Item 3              Our neighborhood Ice cream social will be held Sunday June 5th 2-4 p.m. in Berwyn Park.  We look forward to a big turnout.


Item 4              The graffiti paint out will be rescheduled for July.  Please check the BDCA website for time and place.


Item 5              Vice President Pitt reported that the Nomination Committee’s work continues and Doug Hunter has joined the committee.


Item 6              Berwyn Day planning is under way.  Please check the BDCA webpage for information regarding volunteer opportunities and planning meetings.


The meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.




Meeting Attendees (from sign-in sheet):


Tom Wolf

Erin Hutson

Daniel Meola

Nicole Smile

Susan Trial

Sam Robinette & Mrs. Robinette

Russell Robinette

Erik Hudak

Theresa Hudak

Gordon Breighner

Harry Pitt

Michele Garnes

Larry Garnes

Kevin Carter

Gail Anzulovic

Theresa McAllister

Jack Perry

Doug Hunter

Forrest Tyler

Sandy Tyler

Robert Catlin

Mayor Andrew Fellows

Former Mayor Steve Brayman