Berwyn District Civic Association (BDCA)

Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2006

8 – 10 p.m.


  1. Introductions, Roll Call - BDCA Vice President Chuck Ireton called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m., followed by roll call for officers.  The following officers were present: Jack Perry, Bob Baca, Tim Triplett, Harry Pitt, Sue Hester, Jerry Anzulovic, Janeen Miller, and Chris Moss.


  1. Approval of Minutes – a motion was made to approve the meeting minutes from 03.16.06.  The motion passed, and the minutes were accepted.


  1. Internet Safety – Best Practices for Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet with Special Agent Mike Miller, F.B.I. – Special Agent Miller joined us for a presentation on Internet Safety for children.  Below is some of the information from that presentation.


    • What to look for

                                                              i.      Statistics show that 1 in 5 kids received an online sexual solicitation

                                                            ii.      On average, the sexual solicitor is a white male between the ages of 25-45, living a mid- to upper-class lifestyle with professional employment and is usually involved in children’s activities.

                                                          iii.      The average victim is early to mid teens from dysfunctional families, discovering his/her sexuality.  The teen usually has unsupervised access to a computer.

                                                           iv.      Signs that a child may be at risk include pornography on his/her computer, receives/sends mail or phone calls from people the parent does not know, withdrawn from school or family and spends large amounts of time online.

    • How to prevent

                                                              i.      Talk to your children about sexual victimization

                                                            ii.      Keep the computer in a common room, NOT in child’s room

                                                          iii.      Always maintain access to child’s accounts and randomly check email and browser – BUT strike a balance between privacy and supervision

                                                           iv.      Determine what safeguards are utilized at school

                                                             v.      Remind your children that what they are told online might not be true

                                                           vi.      Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone they do not know

                                                         vii.      Never send pictures over the Internet

                                                       viii.      Never give out identifying information

                                                           ix.      Never respond to a message that is suggestive, obscene or harassing.

    • Social networking sites to be aware of

                                                              i.      Xanga

                                                            ii.      MySpace

                                                          iii.      MyPlace

                                                           iv.      Skyblog

                                                             v.      Facebook

                                                           vi.      Friendster

    • Sites that can help parents (including kid friendly browsers)









  1. Berwyn Community Events and Updates – Chuck discussed the June 3rd Yard Sale and what needs to be done to prepare.  The proposal was made to combine the Yard Sale with the suggested Garden Exchange.  No final decision was made.  In preparation for the yard sale, the following items need attention:
    • Placement of ads
    • Pass out maps
    • Include a sign-up coupon in the May issue of The Berwyn News
    • Volunteers needed to create and hand out maps (Amy Noggle has volunteered to help)


  1. Civic Association Updates
    • Treasurer’s Report – Al Cutino not present
    • Welcoming Committee – Next meeting to be held at Amy Noggle’s house on April 24 at 7:30pm.
    • Neighborhood Preservation Coalition – Harry Pitt informed us that the realtor letter is up and running.  If neighbors receive investment letters from realtors, we are urged to hand them over to Kevin Young.  Also, Mr. Pitt had a positive meeting with Ben Barnes (House of Delegates, 2nd District) and is discussing a way to limit the number of cars allowed for each rental property.
    • BDCA Announcements – Tim Aldridge and Amy Noggle are searching for new officers for the association. 


  1. Old and New Business
    • Pawn Shop Issue – Heather Iliff drafted a formal letter stating that the Berwyn District Civic Association will stand in opposition to the pawn shop proposed to locate at 5051 Greenbelt Road.  A motion was requested and approved to adopt the resolution of being a statement of the Civic Association.
    • Paint Branch Parkway – Chuck Ireton presented a new recommendation to add a sidewalk on the north side of Paint Branch using existing city property and traversing University of Maryland MFRI property.  He plans to move forward with this proposal and will have an update for us at the next meeting.


  1. Adjourn



Meeting attendees:



Sue Hester

Recording Secretary, BDCA