Berwyn District Civic Association

Thursday, April 19, 2007



1.         Agenda Item 1. Roll Call for Officers.  The meeting was called to order at 8pm by BDCA President Tim Triplett.  Also present were officers and board members Jerry Anzulovic, Bob Baca, Chuck Ireton, Liesl Koch, Debbie Mimms, Harry Pitt, and Mark Shute.


2.         Agenda Item 2.  Minutes from Last Meeting.  Minutes from the March 2007 meeting were accepted into the permanent record.


3.         Agenda Item 3.  Presentation on the Purple Line.  The person who was supposed to give a presentation on the Purple Line was at the last minute unable to attend.


4.         Agenda Item 4.  Treasurer Update.  Treasurer Al Cutino was unable to attend.  Tim announced that Al was stepping down as Treasurer and so BDCA would need to find a new one.  BDCA is doing okay financially, thanks in part to Bob Baca’s redesign of the newsletter, resulting in fewer pages and therefore less printing costs.

5.         Agenda Item 5.  Committee Updates.
Spring clean-up will take place at three different times—two on Saturday, April 28th, and one on Sunday, April 29th.
     BDCA’s bylaws require that a nominating committee for new officers be appointed.  Four individuals volunteered to serve on the committee: Jerry Anzulovic, Harry Pitt, Tim Triplett, and Kevin Young.  Kevin also agreed to serve on the Board next year.  The committee will need to put a slate of candidates together by June 11th so that Bob can put it in the June newsletter.
     The Board is going to try to make the job of the next president a little easier by writing letters to the Washington Post and other local businesses asking them to donate money or become a sponsor of Berwyn Day or the October bonfire.  Mark Shute will draft up such a letter by the time of the Board’s next meeting, on May 3rd.  We’re looking to send the letters out by the end of spring.  Someone asked whether we could offer businesses something in return for their financial support, suggesting a link to their business on our Website, or that we would advertise their sponsorship.  Tim suggested levels of sponsorship – gold, platinum, silver, etc.  It was noted that most of our proceeds comes from membership fees or donations or money raised at Berwyn Day, etc.

6.         Agenda Item 6.  Civic Association Updates.


§         Given the cold spring and the fact that the playground equipment has still not been installed, BDCA may have an activity over the summer instead of the potluck we had planned for the spring to show off the new playground equipment.

§         The agenda for the May and June meetings was discussed.  Usually, civic associations ask District 21 representatives to come and tell us what legislation they passed.  Tim will look into getting County Councilman Eric Olson, State Senator Jim Rosapepe, and Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk.  Another possibility for a speaker is the City’s new economic development person.  Yet another is a University representative to talk about the East Campus plan.

§         A discussion took place about what happened at the North College Park Neighborhood Association about the proposed walkover from Hollywood to the other side of the tracks.

§         Someone complained that the Branchville Fire Department’s siren was too loud.


7.         Agenda Item 7.  College Park Reports from Our Council Representatives. 


§         Bob Catlin announced that he will be at the City’s budget meeting all day Saturday.  The City’s revenue has increased by approximately $300,000 and it’s expenses by approximately $200,000.  If the City increases its tax, it will be very small.

§         The “East Campus Project” is the development planned for the southeast corner of Paint Branch Parkway and Route 1. It is expected to have 2,000 housing units (one-half of which will be for students) and lots of retail space (comparable to the amount of space of Beltway Plaza minus the Giant and Target).  A lot of retailers have expressed interest in locating there.  The University wants to go forward with the project (i.e., go to the County for approval) by next summer.

§         Pepco is to light the bike path for $28,000.  But it will probably take a year.

§         The contract police are getting bike training.

§         Jack Perry announced that the City still plans to build a parking garage behind Bentley’s.  It plans to build condos where the current City Hall is located.

§         The City’s concern about the East Campus Project is that it may leave the businesses in historic downtown depressed.

§         A fraternity on Norwich Road in the historic district wants to tear down its building and is challenging the historic district restrictions.

§         A portion of the East Campus Project will be behind Frat Row.  People in the historic district don’t want traffic to use their neighborhood to cut through.

§         The University’s steam plant, fuel tanks, and Ritchie Coliseum will remain in place, as will the high pressure streamline underground.  Everyone in the other buildings will have to be moved elsewhere on campus before the project can be begun.

§         The City Council needs a new student liaison.

§         The University insists that housing on campus be self-supporting.

§         Legislation just passed in the General Assembly that says municipalities can now buy and maintain their own street lights from the utility company.  Since Pepco charges exorbitant prices, Jack is going to suggest to the City that they buy and maintain their own lights.

§         Cars to be able to cut through their neighborhood.


8.         Agenda Item 6.  New Business.


There was no new business.



The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 pm.



Meeting Attendees:


Jerry Anzulovic

Bob Catlin

Debbie Mims

Jack Perry

Harry Pitt

Mark Shute

Tim Triplett

Kevin Young

Bob Baca

Chuck Ireton

Larry Wenzel

Theresa Shute

Liesl Koch



Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA