Meeting was called to order at 8:35pm by President Young

President Young , Vice President Pitt, Director Anzulovic, Director Carter Present.

A motion was made and seconded to adopt the minutes from February.

Pres. Young reported for the treasurer: account has balance of $3227.61

Deposits of $500.00 expenses--$124.76 Minuteman press for newsletter

$25.94 gift shirt for Russell Robinette

Pres. Young reminded members that about half of the balance is earmarked for the printing of the new neighborhood directory which has not been printed yet and those funds were collected for advertisement fees in the directory.

Mr. Jack Perry inquired as to the status of the Washington Post donation for the moon bounce.Pres. Young reported that despite ongoing efforts the post has not covered the cost of the moon.

Mr. Jack Perry inquired as to whose responsibility it was under the by-laws to know the current number of members of the organization.Pres. Young replied that under the by-laws the recording sec. is responsible for having a current list of members at each meeting.Pres. Young commented that he has that information also available through the treasurer.Mr. Perry asked if he knew the number of members at present. Pres. Young said that he didnít know the exact number but the association had experienced a good deal of renewed and new memberships since the beginning of the year.He will report on membership numbers at next meeting.

Pres. Young introduced Russell Robinette and recognized his ongoing commitment to keeping the neighborhood clean and free of litter.Pres. Young presented a gift shirt to Russell on behalf of the BDCA.He was also given a gift card to Burger King which was privately donated by a member.

Pres. Young introduced Prince Georgeís County Police officer Nashawn Taylor and asked her to explain her position and the difference between a COPS and CERT officer and how we could better cooperate with her.Officer Taylor explained that there have been a couple of name changes but are now known as COPS Community Oriented Police Service.Their mission is to have a visible presence in the neighborhoods and attempt to reach out to citizens to inform them of local crime issues and suggest crime prevention tips.COPS officers also walk the community after a crime in some cases and distribute leaflets and door hangers.Officer Taylor handed out a wanted picture of a College Park resident wanted for breaking and entering. She advised anyone seeing an individual fitting the description to call 911 as thereís an open warrant for his arrest. ††She gave out her phone number 301-699-2950 and email address to the members and encouraged them to call her with any information of importance.She also dropped off crime prevention information for distribution.

Mr. Jerry Anzulovic discussed an ongoing problem with student housing being left unlocked because of the foot traffic in and out of these houses.Officer Taylor acknowledged this problem and explained that they will at times do neighborhood walks and leave door hangers (information) on student houses.††††Mr. Jack Perry asked if the COPS program receives adequate support from the county government.He also commented that there has been a number of COPS officers assigned to our area in the past.Officer Taylor believes that the COPS program is well supported and works with many county agencies other than the police department.Officer Taylor explained that her area begins at University Park and extends north to Greenbelt Road and east to include Berwyn Heights.A resident informed Officer Taylor of an ongoing problem with a certain individual breaking into cars for the last couple years.He asked that she contact Berwyn Heights Police as they have recent information pertaining to this suspect.

Ms. Lily Fountain reported on efforts of a group of residents regarding traffic and parking problems on 48th Avenue.There have been two group meetings and some residents attended a city council work session to address these problems.Ms. Fountain explained that the group has identified potential solutions and intends to send a list to the city manager for review.She also asked that any other possible solutions from the neighbors be forwarded to her to share with the group and invited interested persons to the next meeting to be held March 25, 2010 at 8PM 8411 48th Avenue.Ms. Fountain would like to bring back a plan to the civic association for support.Pres. Young asked that the group put into writing any proposal brought before association for the purpose of clarity.

Councilmember Perry reported that he attended the meeting of 48th avenue group and saluted them for putting many solutions on the table.He believes the group should send the ideas to the city manager so he can advise as to which items can be implemented and what the process would be. He expressed concern that if permit parking would be implemented on 48th, permit parking would probably become necessary on surrounding streets as well.

A motioned was made by Mr. Perry and seconded by Mr. Pitt to send to local newspapers letter writing by the corresponding secretary expressing the associations satisfaction with the Washington Post as a neighbor for the past ten years. Motion carried.

Mr. Anzulovic reminded Pres. Young that the annual walk around the perimeter of the Post property as set forth in the agreement was due.

Mr. Catlin suggested that the Washington Post be contacted regarding the undeveloped residential property they own on Rhode Island Avenue.

Councilmember Catlin reported that the cityís fund for street repair is down approximately one million dollars.This will mean less street improvements in the near future.

Councilmember Perry reported that the city has entered into an agreement with Google pertaining to high speed internet and that College park may be used as a demonstration area.†† The city council has been invited by the University to tour the old Post plant to discuss their plans for the building.The U.S. Census should be filled out and returned as soon as possible.

President Young reported on his activities over the past month which included attending the Lakeland Community Heritage Projectís dinner dance.President Young also visited with the day manager at Ritaís and left a price list for advertising in the Berwyn News.Pres. Young a reported he attended the city council meeting and the 48th avenue committee meeting. The BDCA received a copy of a letter from U.S Congressional representative Steny Hoyer to the Director of the National Park Service regarding the tic problem in Greenbelt Park.The tic problem and the concern about Lyme disease was a topic at Novemberís BDCA meeting.

Sandy Tyler announced that the Lakeland Community Heritage project will present a Festival of Music on Sunday, May 16, 2010 at the Memorial Chapel at the University of Maryland campus. ††She asked anyone wishing to purchase tickets to contact her.

Meeting was adjourned at 10 PM

Minutes were transcribed from a tape recording by Kevin Young

Meeting Attendees:

Harry Pitt

Brian Mc Allister

Margret Himmelfarb

Beth Mc Allister

Harvey Himmelfarb

Bob Catlin

Kevin Carter

Frank Underwood

Sam Robinette

Helen Long

Marion Robinette

Lily Fountian

Russell Robinette

Richard Winston

Jack Perry

Sandra Tyler

Robert Weber

Forest Tyler

Douglas Hunter

Jerry Anzulovic

Mary Ellen Russo

Chris Dullnig

Peter Russo

Cynthia Watson

Teresa Shute

Deborah Watson

Mark Shute

Jessica Watson

Kevin Young

Nashawn Taylor