BDCA General Membership Meeting November 21, 2019


Attendance: Jim Nealis, Lily Fountain, Bob Catlin, Karyn Keating, Chad Stern, Maddie Koenig, Susan Daniels, Marc McCaslin, Janet McCaslin, Harvey Himmelfarb, Liesl Koch, Kevin Young, PJ Brennan, Gabriela, Oscar Gregory, Beth McAllister, Brian McAllister, Scott Somers – City Manager, Bob Ryan – Director Public Services, Scott Kelti – College Park Contract Police Supervisor


Meeting brought to order 7:32

Minutes from September and October meeting approved.

Treasurer’s report given and approved, see attachment.  Chad reminded everyone to submit their dues for membership for 2020, still only $10 per person or $15 per family.

Bob Ryan, the manager of public services, introduced the supervisor of county contract police program - Scott Kelti. Robberies occurred in Old Town, mostly related to criminal activity, black market marijuana, home invasions. Keep homes well-lit at night, doors locked. Call 911 when you see anything suspicious. If you call 911 and are unsatisfied with the call, ask for a supervisor. If you experience dissatisfaction, note the time and date so your call can be reviewed. When leaving for vacation, call to have officers drive by and monitor your home or fill out the form at

Recent problem with aggressive solicitor, against city and county ordinances. Suggestions not to answer the door after dark, post a “No Solicitors” sign, tell solicitors “I’m not interested” and shut the door. Call the company to report aggressive behavior and call 911.  Newspaper sales and charitable donation solicitors are allowed without a solicitation permit. A suggestion was made to have a sign erected giving notice to solicitors that a permit is required.

Bob Ryan and Scott Osborne, the parking supervisor, spoke about permit parking and addressed permit parking in Berwyn as a whole. See rules for applying for permit parking, attached. Scott passed out maps of College Park that showed where permit parking is in place, see attachment. 60% of property owners are needed to add permit parking, 50% are needed to terminate permit parking, with council approval.  Discussion regarding parking in Lidl’s parking lot seems to possibly indicate a problem. Discussion regarding prohibited vehicles, see attachment.

Scott provided Regulations for Driving and Parking, also a report on Violations by Location Summary, see attachments.

There is an effort city wide to add sidewalks. Making streets one way or parking on one side only is handled by the city engineer and the council.


Janet McCaslin spoke from public works. They have a food scrap program so you can drop off compostables at 9217 51st Ave and the farmer’s markets.  She brought fliers that show what items can and cannot be composted and where to drop them off, see attachment. Compost containers are available from public works. Janet also discussed recycling and brought information, see attachment. She asked that residents leave their leaves on the property, not on the street so that storm drains don’t get clogged. Calendars for leaf pickup were provided – see attachment. Berwyn will have leaf pickup on Nov 27. College Park has 2 new snow plow trucks. Be sure to use odd / even parking on plow days. Janet brought us a copy of the Snow Plan FY 2020, see attachment.

PJ Brennan discussed the tree planting program that will reimburse up to $150 for planting a tree, or a tree can be planted  in the right of way for free. See attachment. Visit  PJ talked about the loss of tree canopy, there is a great website that shows where most of the loss is, which is mostly on private property and the environmental impact of downed trees.

Scott Somers, the city manager, was recognized. He discussed the proposal to charge a permit fee to remove trees or charge a homeowner if a tree is trimmed more than 20%. If you want to trim or remove a tree, call the city horticulturist to be advised of their recommendations.

PJ addressed the noise problem from the car wash. Fines, if assessed, would be issued to the property owner. If you call to resolve a noise complaint, Contact the City’s Code Enforcement 24/7 Hotline at 240-487-3588. Residents can also call Prince George’s County Police to report a potential noise violation; 911 for emergency assistance of 301-352-1200 for non-emergency.

The decorative water feature along Rt 1  did not pass. Brining the trail will be done to prepare for snowfall to keep it clear for our fur babies. Lighting on the trail is not consistent, talking with the county for more lighting. Staff is following up with developers who have planted trees and shrubs but they’ve died.

Bob Catlin reminded the membership that the December meeting will start at 7:00 on 12/19 and Gilbane Development will bring us information about their student housing plan at the Burger King property. Then at 7:30 we will have a Holiday Celebration with covered dishes. Come and enjoy the Holiday with your neighbors!

Our January meeting will feature Cruz Development to discuss their project at Branchville Crossing. Be sure to attend to express your comments and concerns.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20.