Berwyn District Civic Association

Thursday, November 21, 2013

1. Agenda Item 1. Officers Present. Officers present were President Kevin Young, 1st Vice President Harry Pitt, 2nd Vice President Richard Morrison, Recording Secretary Liesl Koch, Berwyn News Editor Elizabeth Kuligowski, and Welcome Committee Chair Christy Dollymore.

2. Agenda Item 2. Appreciation of Service of Councilman Bob Catlin. President Young thanked Bob Catlin for his 16 years on the City Council representing District 2. Councilman Catlin thanked everyone, gave a few remarks about his time on the City Council, and recognized Councilman‐Elect PJ Brennan. Refreshments were served to honor Councilman Catlin for his service. After the refreshment break, BDCA presented the Councilman with a hooded sweatshirt as a gift.

3. Agenda Item 3. Miscellaneous Items. Councilman Catlin reported that he has heard that the State is considering putting a median on Greenbelt Road adjacent to our neighborhood. The plan is to do this in the spring. A turn lane by Village Pump is also planned.

Fishnet Restaurant was thanked for providing beverages for the refreshment break.

4. Agenda Item 4. Minutes from the Last Meeting. A motion to accept the minutes from the October 17,

2013, meeting was made, seconded, and passed.

5. Agenda Item 5. Treasurer’s Report. BDCA’s current balance as of today is $4,673.69. The previous

reported balance was $3,969.25. Since the previous report, BDCA has received $1,230.00 in advertising and
memberships, has paid $224.99 to Minuteman Press, and has had $300.57 in other expenses. Adoption of
the financial report into the official record will be voted on at the next BDCA meeting.

6. Agenda Item 6. Miscellaneous Announcements. President Young announced that the Jack Perry Award for Community Service would be awarded to Berwyn resident Jerry Anzulovic at the next meeting of the City Council, on Tuesday, November 26, 2013. He encouraged the Berwyn residents to attend in order to thank Jerry for all the contributions he has made to the neighborhood over the years.

BDCA has had some great successes lately. There were lots of compliments about the bonfire. President Young thanked those who helped with the organization and clean‐up of that event. The Berwyn Graffiti‐Defeati Brigade convened last Saturday morning to paint over the graffiti on the east wall of the Kidwell building, facing the railroad tracks. The property manager has been contacted about the possibility of planting vines against that wall in order to discourage would‐be graffiti vandals. The property owner seemed amenable to that idea.

7. Agenda Item 7. Councilmen and Mayor Reports. Councilman Monroe Dennis announced that Good Neighbor Day will be March 14, 2014. Volunteers will meet at a central location (which in past years has been the community center) and will then be transported to a work site by the City. Please let Councilman Dennis know if there is a project you would like the City to consider for Good Neighbor Day. The City is coordinating the event with Gloria Blackwell at the Office of Community Engagement at the University of Maryland.

Councilman Catlin discussed development projects planned for the old Hillcrest Hotel property and the former Mandalay restaurant site. Both would be big apartment projects, with a modest amount of retail, and would help make that stretch of Route 1 more attractive.
The Maryland Book Exchange building has been demolished but might sit vacant for a while, as a lawsuit has been filed against the proposed development by local residents.
Councilman Dennis added that, concerning the old Mandalay property, some City residents have expressed concerns about parking and density, and about how residents on a nearby street will be shielded
from the development. Representatives from Metropolitan Development, the proposed developer, will attend next week’s City Hall meeting in order to answer some questions. The development of those properties was approved back in 2005 or 2006.
Councilman Catlin reported that he attended a Paint Branch Elementary School partnership meeting earlier that day. The mission of the committee is to make Paint Branch Elementary School a premier school by exposing the students to the University and other professional associations in order to give them a more “global” perspective and prepare them for the future. Many of the City’s children go to Paint Branch Elementary School; we want to keep it a viable institution within the City. The school has a Chinese immersion project, which has been cut back in recent years because of the economy.
Although Looney’s has been one of the higher performing additions to business establishments in the City, the community is unhappy with the drinking games taking place there. The City will keep its eye on this.
Councilman‐Elect PJ Brennan announced that Thelma Cline, a neighbor since 1958, recently passed away. She kept her property in amazing condition. He encouraged residents to participate in a Christmas Memorial Tree event that the family is organizing in her memory.
Councilman‐Elect Brennan stated that the recent grassroots effort to halt proposals to develop the golf course demonstrated the power in numbers. We welcome the proposed developer to our City, but would prefer to see him on the Route 1 corridor. (Mayor Andy Fellows stated that he thinks the golf course proposal is dormant, not dead.)
Councilman‐Elect Brennan asked Berwyners to contact him with any issues they might want to discuss. His e‐mail address and telephone number are in the latest edition of the Berwyn News. He encouraged residents to get involved; there are many vacancies on the City’s commissions and boards. The animal welfare group is in need of supplies (extra towels, blankets, cat litter, etc.); you may drop them off at Councilman Brennan’s house or at City Hall, and they will get to the proper individuals. The City has some money available for community events, such as the bonfire. There is currently a proposal to lower the age at which someone can serve on the City Council to 18. The Councilman encouraged people not yet signed up with NextDoor to do so, as it’s a great way for the neighborhood to stay informed.
Mayor Fellows praised Councilman Catlin for his many years of service, and thanked Councilman‐Elect Brennan for stepping up to run for the seat. His expressed his gratitude to those who helped reelect him as Mayor. He echoed Councilman‐Elect Brennan’s remarks about getting involved by signing up for the City’s commissions and boards. He encouraged residents to attend the City meeting on November 25th at which representatives from Metropolitan Development would make a presentation, and invited residents to attend the swearing‐in ceremony for new councilmen at the meeting on the 26th. He said that lowering
the minimum age required for people to serve on the City Council would require a change to the City’s charter, and that there would be a hearing and vote on it at a future Council meeting, probably in January or February, after UMD students have returned from winter break.
There was a brief discussion about the proposed lighting on the bike path.

8. Agenda Item 8. Christmas Party. President Young reminded everyone that the neighborhood Christmas party would be held in Fealy Hall on Saturday, December 14th.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

Meeting attendees (from sign‐up sheet):

Gail Anzulovic Jerry Anzulovic Nick Brennan
PJ Brennan
Robert Catlin
Monroe Dennis Christy Dollymore John Dollymore Marina Dullnig Andrew Fellows
Lily Fountain Michele Garnes Chuck Ireton Liesl Koch
Bob Kuligowski

Elizabeth Kuligowski

Janet McCaslin Marc McCaslin Richard Morrison

Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BOCA.

Harry Pitt Forrest Tyler Sandra Tyler Joshua Young

Kevin Young

Lori Young