Berwyn District Civic Association Thursday, November 20, 2008
  1. Agenda Item 1. Roll Call for Officers. The meeting was called to order at 8pm by BDCA President Jerry Anzulovic.
  2. Agenda Item 2. Minutes from Last Meeting. Minutes from the October 2008 meeting were accepted into the permanent record.
  3. Agenda Item 3. Presentation on the Compassion Center. Diane, the Director of the Compassion Center located at the corner of Erie Street and Route 1, gave a presentation. The Center was built in 1993. They spent 4 years renovating the house and resolving zoning issues. The Counseling Center at the University of Maryland was supposed to help out by providing counselors, then the University had funding cuts and was unable to help after all. The Compassion Center goes 1 to 2 times a week to Spellman House to take fruit and greens; they also make deliveries to Attick Towers. In doing so they provide healthy food to elderly residents on a fixed income. Eighty percent of the time and energy of Compassion House staff is devoted to College Park. About 90 volunteers come from the University and elsewhere to help out. The Compassion Center is asking for a letter of support from BDCA. Community support could come in the form of a blurb in our newsletter. If you are interested in volunteering, please call 301-699-0100.
  4. Agenda Item 4. Dog Kennel off on Berwyn Road. Cindy from the dog kennel, located in the industrial complex at the end of Berwyn Road, reported that the kennel was looking into sound barrier/absorption ideas. She would like to receive a copy of the Berwyn newsletter. BDCA will try to put her on the agenda for a civic association meeting sometime after the new year.
  5. Agenda Item 5. College Park Reports from Our Council Representatives.

ƒ Councilman Bob Catlin reported on several projects that had been scheduled for College Park, including the student housing development being built across from the Post Office on Route 1. The development site for that project has been cleared of trees, etc.

ƒ Other projects in the City are not faring as well, being victims of the bad economy. Everything not related to student housing is “dead.” Projects that had been approved can no longer go forward because they cost so much.

ƒ Student housing is still “upscale” enough to go forward – it’s got a lot of retail associated with it.

ƒ The student housing to be erected in front of University View is scheduled to start construction by the end of this year.

ƒ Starview Plaza has requested permission to add another floor. It will be a “green” building, as mentioned at previous BDCA meetings.

ƒ Our section of Route 1 might be the only one that is improved within the next five years.

ƒ The City of College Park staff don’t like the proposed former Branchville Fire Department site for the new City Hall. The staff would rather it be located somewhere down near the “hustle and bustle” of downtown College Park.

ƒ Regarding student housing, in spite of the financial problems, the City will get $300-400 per student in taxes.

ƒ The full-time city contract police will begin working as early as December. Candidates are currently being interviewed.

ƒ A concern was raised about traffic spillovers resulting from the new student housing along Route 1. Bob believes that since most students who will live there will either walk or take the shuttle to the campus, there will not be a significant increase in traffic. A lot of parking for students who live in the new student housing along Route 1 will be located on campus, so a lot of those cars won’t even come out on Route 1.

ƒ The M-Square project and other employment opportunities in the city will hopefully attract families to purchase homes in the City.

6. Agenda Item 6. Holiday Party.

There will be a holiday party in Fealy Hall on December 13th, from 1pm to 3pm. Al, the former BDCA treasurer, has agreed to put on the Santa suit once again. Lori Young would like to do a little more decorating for the party than has been done in past years. Because of the holiday party, there will be no business meeting for the month of December.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Meeting Attendees:

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Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA