Berwyn District Civic Association
Thursday, November 17, 2011
  1. Agenda Item 1. Officers Present. Officers present were President Kevin Young, 1st Vice President Harry Pitt, Recording Secretary Liesl Koch, Board of Directors Jerry Anzulovic and Dan Blasberg, and Berwyn News Editor Michele Garnes.
  2. Agenda Item 2. Minutes from Last Meeting. A motion to accept the minutes from the October 2011 meeting was made, seconded, and passed.
  3. Agenda Item 3. Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Lori Young was unable to attend. On her behalf, President Young reported that BDCA had deposits of $115 and expenditures of $420.60 (two payments to Minuteman Press, for the October and November newsletters) since the last report, leaving a balance of $1,429.89. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report subject to audit was made, seconded, and passed.
  4. Agenda Item 4. New Business. There was no new business.
  5. Agenda Item 5. Unfinished Business. There was no unfinished business.
  6. Agenda Item 6. City Councilmen’s Reports. Councilman Jack Perry stated that there are a lot of requests for liquor licenses in establishments along Route 1.

The Cafritz property, on Route 1 across from University Park and just south of Albion, is planned for development and everyone has different ideas about what should go in there. We know that Whole Foods wants to come in; the store wants parking at street level, but the City Council thinks it should be structured parking, either above or below ground. The developers want to build houses that would extend all the way down to the railroad tracks; student housing is not part of the plans. Some of the development would be in College Park, but most would be in Riverdale Park. Development near Metro’s Green Line tunnel would be within the corporate limits of College Park. The development will definitely result in more traffic on Route 1. There are plans for bridges to be built over the railroad tracks.

7. Agenda Item 7. Special Guest: Dan Bongino. A motion to suspend the normal order of business in order to allow the special guest to speak was made, seconded, and passed. Mr. Dan Bongino, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate to replace Senator Cardin, addressed the audience. He used to work for the Secret Service. He is running for office because he thinks we need to fix the economy and make tomorrow better. We can fix the economy by taking a few sensible steps. We have $50 billion worth of nature gas in Garrett and Allegheny Counties that could be extracted. Currently we have a one-party monopoly; the liberal agenda hasn’t worked. We have $50 trillion in debt; he thinks the economy has collapsed and that we are entitled to hear the truth about it. He hopes we will look at his website for additional information about his campaign because due to time constraints he can’t cover the issues completely during this meeting. If he were elected, Mr. Bongino’s number one priority would be to change the corporate tax rate. He would also want to change the Affordable Care Act because he thinks it’s terrible policy. He would like to see a flatter, broader tax code. The tax code is 67,000 pages long because the legislation loves deductions. Every time other countries have tried to improve the economy by fiscal adjustments on taxation, they fail. The only time it works is when you cut spending.

Mr. Bongino’s definition of “conservative” is conserving one’s current standard of living.

Mr. Bongino left for another engagement.

    1. Agenda Item 8. City Councilmen’s Reports (cont’d.). Councilman Perry resumed his report. The developer of the Cafritz property is going to split the project into two phases. The work on the CSX crossing will be done in the second phase. There are no plans to build a school on the property.
    2. Councilman-elect Monroe Dennis was present and said he looks forward to attending future meetings.
  1. Agenda Item 9. President’s Report. President Young stated that there’s no news on the East Campus development project. The City is not in support of the proposed development on the Maryland Book Exchange property. Plans for development of the Koons Ford property are in the pipeline. There will be

some retail and a hotel. The College Park Hotel has been razed. The Howard Johnson’s and Royal Pine Hotels farther north on Route 1 will be combined. Another get-together to discuss Route 1 development will take place on Saturday,

November 19th, at 8:30am, at City Hall. The FishNet restaurant on Berwyn Road has opened; President Young was its first customer. Please support our local businesses.

Eric Olson has organized a “business mixer” for local businesses. The event, which is designed to foster relationships for businesses to work together, will take place on November 30 at the New Carrollton Library.

Order forms for BDCA Christmas wreaths are available on the table in the back of Fealy Hall. Michelle Garnes will need the forms by November 30th.

The BDCA Christmas party will be December 10, from 1pm to 3pm, in Fealy Hall. Please let President Young know if you can help out. There will be a light lunch, and a “jolly elf” from the north is expected to drop by a visit. Bring your kids.

10. Agenda Item 10. Open Floor Discussion. Dan Blasberg stated that during the last couple of Coffee Clubs there was much discussion about repeat offenders, in particular an individual who has targeted the Knox Boxes more than once. The Police Department is asking for some support from the community to make sure that once these individuals are arrested and convicted, they go to prison; they would like citizens to write letters in regard to some of the justices who are letting these repeat offenders out. The Coffee Club is suspended for next week due to the holiday and will resume meeting in two weeks. The Coffee Club is slowly evolving; after one and one-half years, several residents have formed a board and will arrange for guest speakers, etc. Mr. Blasberg is currently the chief organizer. You are encouraged to attend the Coffee Club meetings, which take place at Jason’s Deli at 9am on Wednesdays.

Regarding the neighborhood’s camera program, Mr. Blasberg reported that brackets are on two of the three houses currently slated to have a camera; the wiring has not been set up yet. There will be three servers. He believes there are two more cameras in the pipeline.

Mr. Blasberg informed the audience that Terry Schum is planning to put the issue of the parking/trolley trail on a City Council’s work session agenda. Councilman Perry stated that the City Council is now streaming its business meetings, if

you want to watch them online. Mr. Blasberg stated that plans for next year’s bonfire are already in the works. Mr. Jerry Anzulovic stated that election judges are needed. You can earn $200 for the


day and $50 for the training session. Chief judges are paid $300.

Councilman-Elect Dennis stated that at a recent work session the City Council discussed the hours of election voting in College Park. The City’s voting booths are open from 11am to 8pm, but many citizens arrive early in the morning, on their way to work, expecting the polls to be open then. He thinks there will be some action on the Council next year to try to extend the hours at the College Park polls.

Councilman-Elect Dennis stated that College Park is involved with other local communities in annual observations of Martin Luther King Day. Holy Redeemer School usually participates in these events. We might want to publicize the events in the monthly newsletter.

President Young reported that there will be a reception for Councilman Perry at City Hall on December 6th at 7:30pm. Everyone is invited. He thanked Councilman Perry for his service on the City Council for 14 terms.

Michelle Garnes reported that the sales of holiday wreaths is slow so far so she encouraged people to place their orders. Jerry Anzulovic stated that we always need deliverers of the Berwyn News, so he encouraged people to volunteer.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

Meeting Attendees (from sign-up sheet):

Jerry Anzulovic Heather Olsen
Dan Blasberg Jason Papanikolas
Gordon Breighall Jack Perry
Michele Garnes Harry Pitt
Doug Hunter Forrest Tyler
Liesl Koch Sandra Tyler
Helen Long

Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA.