Berwyn District Civic Association (BDCA)

Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2005

8 – 10 p.m.


  1. Introductions, Roll Call - BDCA President Heather Iliff called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m., followed by roll call for officers.  The following officers were present: Heather Iliff, Jack Perry, Al Cutino, Janeen Miller, Chuck Ireton, Tim Triplett, Harry Pitt, Jerry Anzulovic, Sue Hester and Chris Moss.


  1. Berwyn Neighborhood Playground – Chris Moss reported her progress with the people at Park & Planning. They came out to look at the park, mentioned that they loved the park’s trees and space, and that they would be able to put in a fire ring for our bonfire. The neighborhood would like the entire project completed by spring of 2006, but Park & Planning feels that they will not be able to complete it until fall of 2006.  As a community, we can raise money from local businesses and neighbors to speed up the process.


  1. Public Safety & Neighborhood Watch – Janeen Miller thanked the neighbors for their active participation in the Berwyn Neighborhood Watch.  She notes a trend that recent acts of crime involve victims living in group homes.  She mentioned CPMD Alert, a new text-based system that will alert residents of crime in the neighborhood.  Janeen proceeded to introduce the Commander of District 1, Captain Kevin Davis, auto theft Detective Fred Walfer, and our community service lieutenant, Lt. Bernard Snowden.


    1. Captain Kevin Davis – Cpt. Davis grew up in the College Park area, and attended Holy Redeemer as a child.  He has been the Commander for less than two months, and is dedicated to providing the best protection possible for Berwyn.  He touches on a few specific crime related topics.

                                                              i.      Capt. Davis believes kids who are suspended from school are committing the daytime burglaries.  He now has the schools sending him names of kids who are suspended and is encouraging the schools to enforce in-home suspensions.

                                                            ii.      The City of College Park should have 200 more officers by the summer of 2006.

                                                          iii.      40% of the 18,000 automobiles stolen a year are with the keys in the ignition.  Capt. Davis encourages the use of the Club and reminds neighbors that warming up cars in the driveway during the winter months not only invites thieves to steal the car, but it is also illegal.

                                                           iv.      82% of homicides are committed with hand guns.  Carrying a firearm in Maryland is only a misdemeanor.  Like DC, it should be raised to a felony.

                                                             v.      Detective Fred Walfer mentions that the most stolen vehicle is the 1995 Honda Accord, as well as other cars usually 10-years old.  He mentions that there should be a court that deals with strictly stolen automobiles.

                                                           vi.      The emergency response time is 9 ˝ minutes.  Non-emergency response time is in the low 20 minutes.  They are working on expanding the types of calls for dispatcher and utilizing community volunteers for calls. 

                                                         vii.      Speeding cars is a factor in the neighborhood. Upon the community’s request, we should be receiving a speed enforcement sign which will not cost the community any extra money.  There are two on order (“Your Speed Is _#_”).

                                                       viii.      Security surveys should be conducted on all group homes in the neighborhood.  All homes should write down serial numbers on electronic items such as VCR’s, laptops, etc.  Property engravers are also available for all other items.


    1. Lt. Bernard Snowden – Lt. Snowden was nice enough to stop in to our meeting after working a 24-hour shift.  He started off by giving us a brief update on Neighborhood Watch crimes that were posted in the previous week.  He mentioned that six officers regularly patrol the neighborhood at all times, and they especially keep an eye out for foot traffic between the hours of 2:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m.  One neighbor mentioned a concern for gang crime, and Lt. Snowden mentioned that we could get a gang unit to come in and talk to us at one of our future meetings.

                                                              i.      Lt. Snowden is always available for the community and can be reached at his office number (301) 699-2837 (leave a message if he does not answer) and via email at


  1. Detailed Site Plan for North Gate Condominiums – The developer for North Gate, Mr. Mark Vogel, came to the meeting with a detailed site plan for the condominium highrise complex proposed for Rt. 1, between Taco Bell and Burger King. 
    1. Mr. Vogel proceeds to tell the neighbors that this is the first luxury high-rise condominium in Prince George’s County, and the primary residents are going to be University of Maryland employees.  The proposed building is an 18-story, 220-unit complex with approximately 350 parking spots.  The building will be set back from the road, with 16-stories in the front of the building, and 18-stories in the rear.  The complex will also contain some office space for lease.  Units will start in the mid-$300’s. 


  1. Approval of Minutes – a motion was made to approve the meeting minutes from 10.27.05.  The motion passed, and the minutes were accepted. There will be no BDCA meeting in December.


  1. Adjourn




Meeting attendees:


Dot Rocca

Jack Perry

Valerie Durrant

Mark Seaton

Al Cutino

Janeen Miller

Robert Hunter

Chuck Ireton

Bob Ryan

Beth McAllister

Brian McAllister

Ellen Woodbridge

Susan Whitney-Wilkerson

Brenton Walker

Raguel Deogracia

Mark Shute

Theresa Brown Shute

Eric Justh

Lori Justh

Stacey Baca

Chris Borkowski

Harry Pitt

Sue Hester

Kevin Young

Robert Catlin

Jerry Anzulovic

Sandy Tyler

Forest Tyler

Kris Moss

Maria Huffer

Timothy Triplett

Judy Popadiuk

Heather Iliff


Sue Hester

Recording Secretary, BDCA