Berwyn District Civic Association Thursday, June 16, 2016

  1. Agenda Item 1. Roll Call of Officers. The following BDCA officers were present: President Kevin Young, Vice President Rose Colby, Second Vice President Harry Pitt, Recording Secretary Liesl Koch, Director Dan Blasberg, Director Bob Catlin, Director Dan Stafford, and Director Christy Dollymore.

  2. Agenda Item 2. Approval of Minutes. A motion was made to accept into the record the minutes from the May 19, 2016, meeting. The motion was seconded, and passed by a show of hands.

  3. Agenda Item 3. Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Nick Brennan, who was unable to attend, made the following financial report available:

    [see page 2]

    A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the treasury report into the record.

  4. Agenda Item 4. Election of Officers. President Young read aloud the Nominating Committee’s 2016–2017 slate of candidates (see the 2016 issue of The Berwyn News) for the BDCA Board of Directors and opened the floor for other nominations, as per our bylaws. No other nominations being made, a motion was made and seconded to accept the Nominating Committee’s slate of candidate. The motion passed.

  5. Agenda Item 5. Traffic Congestion and Safety. Judy Blumenthal and Ileea York from District 1, who serve on College Park’s Traffic and Safety Committee, asked for BDCA’s support in requesting a comprehensive traffic study that considers the impact on our roads of recent and future development in College Park. Although all proposed developments are required to submit a traffic impact study, a study that looks at all of the development as a whole has not been conducted. Traffic is expected to get even worse once the Monument and Greenbelt Station developments start filling up, and now another development has been announced south of campus. They are concerned about safety, access for emergency vehicles, and quality of life.

  6. Agenda Item 6. Annual Report of Maryland’s 21st District Delegation. Senator James Rosapepe and Delegate Peña‐Melnyk reported on their activity this past year (Delegates Barnes and Frush were unable to attend).

    Senator Rosapepe reported on the following:

  7. Agenda Item 7. Mayor’s Report. College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn reported that there would be an open house next Wednesday at 11am for seniors who want to learn more about the services the City provides for them.

    Mayor Wojahn and the mayor of Berwyn Heights will both attend the ribbon‐cutting this Saturday at 10am to celebrate the re‐opening of the pedestrian bridge at the end of Berwyn Road.

  8. Agenda Item 8. City Council Report. Councilman Monroe Dennis encouraged Berwyn residents to attend the ribbon‐cutting for the bridge re‐opening that the Mayor mentioned.

    Councilman Dennis distributed a list of traffic safety tips.

    The biweekly coffee club meetings on Wednesdays at Jason’s Deli will break for summer after the meeting on June 22nd.

  9. Agenda Item 3. Other Business. Janet McCaslin reminded residents of the City’s mosquito spraying and stressed its importance vis‐à‐vis the Zika virus.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

Meeting attendees (from sign‐up sheet):

Dan Blasberg Judy Blumenthal Bob Catlin

Rose Greene Colby Monroe Dennis

Christy Dollymore Robert Hunter Diane Jeffries Janet McCaslin Jim Nealis

Harry Pitt Chad Stern Patrick Wojahn Lori Young Ileea York

Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA.