Berwyn District Civic Association Thursday, May 19, 2016

  1. Agenda Item 1. Roll Call of Officers. The following BDCA officers were present: President Kevin Young, Second Vice President Harry Pitt, Corresponding Secretary Tim Triplett, Recording Secretary Liesl Koch, Treasurer and Neighborhood Watch Director Nick Brennan, Director Dan Blasberg, Director Bob Catlin, and Director Christy Dollymore.

  2. Agenda Item 2. Approval of Minutes. A motion was made to accept into the record the minutes from the April 21, 2016, meeting. The motion was seconded, and passed by a show of hands.

  3. Agenda Item 3. Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Nick Brennan made the following financial report:

    [see page 2]

    A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the treasury report into the record.

  4. Agenda Item 4. Parkrun. A motion to suspend the normal order of business so that special guests could be accommodated was made and seconded. The motion passed by a show of hands.

    Andrea (last name unknown) announced a new initiative called Parkrun which is coming to College Park. It’s a free, timed, weekly 5K race. If you are interested, join the others every Saturday at 9am behind Rita’s Italian Ice. The race will start at Metzerott Road and the Paint Branch Trail. Participants can socialize afterwards at the Board & Brew.

  5. Agenda Item 5. Lidl’s Grocery. Representatives from Lidl’s Grocery, which wants to build a store on Route 1 at the end of Berwyn Road, introduced themselves. They were: Alexander Ragonese (Real Estate Manager, Acquisitions) and Brian Kearney (Real Estate Manager, Development). Other special guests included: Matthew Tedesco (an attorney associated with the project), Steve Proctor (President & CEO, G.S. Proctor & Associates), Benjamin Andes IV (Senior Associate, G.S. Proctor & Associates), Nicholas Speech (P.E., Bohler Engineering), and Michael M. Lenhart (President, Lenhart Traffic Consulting).

    The following comments were made during the presentations that followed:

  6. Agenda Item 6. Councilman Brennan’s Report. City Councilman P.J. Brennan reported that some white flags commemorating history have been placed around the community. If one is on your property and you don’t want it there, let the City know and they will remove it.

    Parking is a major issue in our neighborhood. Construction workers for various projects in town are even parking back on Potomac Avenue during the day.

    Zagster is the new bike‐share program that has begun in College Park. A location at Jack Perry Plaza is planned for the future, as well as one at the old Koon’s Ford site.

    The first community garden has opened in Old Town. There are two other community gardens in the works in the City. We could probably have one too if we wanted one.

    Farmers markets are about to open or have already opened.

    The food truck hub downtown is scheduled to be up and running soon.

    WAMATA continues to do work and conduct inspections related to the replacement for the pedestrian overpass that was damaged. We will schedule a joint celebration with Berwyn Heights sometime in July to mark the reopening of the bridge.

    Winner of the litter logo contest will be announced sometime this week.

    Councilman Brennan is planning to organize another community service day for May 28th.

  7. Agenda Item 7. Other Business. On or about Wednesday, June 1st, the City will spray for mosquitoes. If you want to opt out, let the City know.

    It was confirmed that giving Officer J.J. Black a gift card to thank him for his services as our COPS officer before he accepted another position does not violate any ethics laws.

    The first Movies in the Park event this summer will take place on Friday, May 27th. There are no rain days.

  8. Agenda Item 8. Councilman Dennis’ Report. City Councilman Monroe Dennis reported that at the next City Council meeting the Council would vote on whether to accept the proposed budget for the next fiscal year. The budget is on the City’s website.

    On Monday, May 30th, there will be a declaration in honor of Vietnam veterans at the memorial located at the corner of Greenbelt Road and Route 1.

  9. Agenda Item 9. Mayor’s Report. Mayor Patrick Wojahn announced that a local volunteer group would be hosting a legal workshop on writing wills, etc.

The next Live Smart, Eat Locally event will be held June 15th at 7pm. This time it will be held at “Startup Village” on Metzerott Road. The startup business “We Cook” will be cooking for attendees this time.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05pm.

Meeting attendees (from sign‐up sheet):

Seth Binfield Dan Blasberg Sue Blasberg Nick Brennan PJ Brennan

Andrea Carpentieri Bob Catlin

Lisa Center

Rose Greene Colby

Monroe Dennis Christy Dollymore Michele Garnes Diane Jeffries Karyn Keating‐Volke Elizabeth Kuligowski Marie Labonte Janet McCaslin Marc McCaslin

Anita Moreland Aimee Olivio* Harry Pitt Maia Sheppard Chad Stern Mary K. Theis

Richard Vallentich Patrick Wojahn

Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA.

*Chief of Staff for County Councilmember Daniele Glaros.