Berwyn District Civic Association Thursday, April 21, 2011
  1. Agenda Item 1. Officers Present. Officers present were President Kevin Young, 1st Vice President Harry Pitt, Recording Secretary Liesl Koch, Board of Director Jerry Anzulovic, and Berwyn News Editor Michele Garnes. Dignitaries Jack Perry (City Councilman), Bob Catlin (City Councilman), and Lieutenant Charles Duelley (Prince George’s County District I Police) were in attendance.

  2. Agenda Item 2. Minutes from Last Meeting. A motion to accept the minutes from the March 2011 meeting was made, seconded, and passed.

  3. Agenda Item 3. Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Lori Young was unable to be present. President Young reported that BDCA had a good month for revenue, resulting from membership renewals, newsletter advertising, and some generous donations. The newsletter cost $210. The ending balance was $3,508.27. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made, seconded, and passed. (President Young stated later in the meeting that BDCA’s taxes have been filed.)

4. Agenda Item 4. Special Guests: Looney’s Pub. Special guests Bill Larney, Steve Litrenta, and Joseph Snee from Looney’s Pub were introduced. Larney and Litrenta are owners; Snee is the attorney for Looney’s. Looney’s Pub currently has 3 locations elsewhere (Baltimore, Bel Air, and Maple Lawn) and is going to open a fourth in College Park, in the Varsity building. They hope to begin work on the space on May 2nd. Looney’s will be 8,200 square feet and will seat 300–350 seats. It will have a bar and will have a patio area overlooking the park just south of the building. There will be 50 televisions (it’s a sports bar). The owners distributed menus. All four locations will have the same menu. Food will be served until 1am. Brunch will be served on Saturdays and Sundays. The managers that will work in the College Park location already work at other locations. A lot of Looney’s customers at the three existing locations are Maryland alumni. Some have children currently at the University of Maryland, and owners Larney and Litrenta have heard them complain that there’s no good place for them to go out with their families when they’re in College Park. The owners have heard about underage drinking and carding issues in College Park and do not intend to sell alcohol to underage students. They will be using state-of-the-art ID carding technology. The machine that reads ID cards will use data only for security; the card owner’s ID will not be used in any way. There will be 138 parking spaces in the building that will be dedicated to Looney’s staff and customers and to the Royal Farms convenience store that will also be located in the building. There will be 18 surveillance cameras (internal and external). The cameras can move, and can zoom in close enough to read someone’s T-shirt. If you look under forty-five, plan to get carded. After being carded, customers will get a wristband to wear. They won’t be catering to the “cheap drunk” crowd. Looney’s has a 10-year lease with two 10-year options. City Councilman Bob Catlin said that Austin Grill Express has expressed interest in the University View retail space.

Looney’s does a lot of charity work. Every Wednesday is fundraiser night, where, if a customer mentions the designated charity, Looney’s will give a portion of its proceeds that night to the charity.

They hope that Looney’s will be ready to open on September 1st.

5. Agenda Item 5. Special Guests: Representatives from Prince George’s County’s District 1 Police Investigations Unit. Captain Mark Alexander and Lieutenant Charles Duelley were introduced. Captain Alexander summarized the change of leadership in the District over the past month. The new district commander is Hector Velez. Lieutenant Duelley reported that, the previous week, the units cleaned up graffiti in the district. They’re grateful to the City of College Park, which contributed $1,000 toward the repair of the brakes of the trailer that the graffiti unit uses. They plan to clean up graffiti one or two times a month this summer. Graffiti problems should be reported to our COPS officer. Lieutenant has been asked “Isn’t this a Public Works responsibility?” The Police do it because they believe it is a gang-prevention tactic.

There has been a recent uptick in B&Es in our area, including two in Berwyn. The police have their eye on certain individuals but haven’t been able to pin down the evidence yet. The fingerprints were not good enough to identify someone. They were daytime burglaries. Some of them in other areas involve perpetrators going into vacant foreclosure properties and stripping them of copper piping.

An accomplice of a perpetrator who was responsible for a string of burglaries up and down Route 1 was just recently released from jail; he’s a “methhead.” There are still problems in Lakeland. Some of the suspects for incidents in downtown College Park frequent Lakeland.

Someone in the audience asked how College Park’s funding of police officers works in relationship to other, County police officers, and in relationship to the University police. Lieutenant Duelley responded that the City’s police provide enhanced visibility and protection throughout the City. But we also pay for County police protection with our taxes. The officers hired by the City can respond to normal routine calls for services, but were really hired to have high visibility throughout the City. There is some overlapping jurisdiction along Roue 1. The University police do a good job of visibility in downtown College Park. Lieutenant Duelley said the structure of the system works well.

Someone in the audience said she had noticed a young man walking through the neighborhood and displaying a suspicious amount of interest in cars. Lieutenant Duelley said that we should call 333-4000 whenever we see something like that; don’t worry about whether it’s “appropriate” or not – the police will decide that.

6. Agenda Item 6. New Business. President Young reported on various issues. A 60-day study is underway by the State Highway Administration regarding the sewer between Greenbelt Road and 49th Avenue. There was a communication from Jeanie Ripley regarding the 5 properties reported by a member oat least month’s meeting (code violations). President Young plans to attend the City work session on May 3rd regarding the FY2012

action plan. A few members will be joining him. BDCA will hold an ice cream social on June 5th. There will be a graffiti paint-out on Saturday, May 14, at 8am at the Kidwell building.

Jerry Anzulovic was thanked for organizing this. Mulch is on MNCPP’s list for our playground. Jerry Anzulovic was thanked for his role in this. The fence was repaired and the culvert cleaned on the University of Maryland Severn building property. Dan Blasberg and Kevin Carter will demonstrate security cameras at the May BDCA

meeting. Planning for Berwyn Day will begin soon. We need to form a committee to put forward a slate of officers for the 2011–2012


season. First Vice President Harry Pitt volunteered to chair the committee, which will put forward a slate of officers for the June election. A member asked if we could recognize Russell Robinet for his neighborhood clean-up efforts. Plans are underway to do that.

7. Agenda Item 7. City Councilmen’s Report. Councilman Bob Catlin stated that the City undertook negotiations to buy the Number 1 Liquor store’s property (between University View and the Varsity) a year ago. The State Highway Administration said a traffic light wasn’t needed there, so the City didn’t buy the property at the time. The City receives $50,000 per year to buy property. The liquor store property is in a floodplain; the plan would be for the City to develop a small park on the property. University View would possible pay for the park’s maintenance. The property is too small to redevelop, so it’s a “stranded” property, which could conceivably remain there for the next 60 years if the City doesn’t purchase the property. The proposed purchase would be similar to what the City did at the corner of Edgewood Road and Route 1, where a small park was created. Councilman Catlin asked for the Civic Association’s support for the proposal for the City to purchase the property. A motion to support the plan was made and seconded. The motion failed to pass, by a 3 to 6 vote.

Councilman Jack Perry has been unable to attend City Council meetings for the past 5 weeks so had nothing to report.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50pm.

Meeting Attendees (from sign-up sheet):
Captain Marc Alexander Doug Hunter
Jerry Anzulovic Liesl Koch
Dan Blasberg Bill Lakney
Sue Blasberg Steven Litrenta
Robert Catlin Anita Moreland
Lisa Center Jack Perry
Lt. Charles “Bud” Duelley Harry Pitt
Marina Dullnig Joe Snee
Michele Garnes Robert Weber
Curry Rose Hoskey Kevin Young

Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA.