April 20, 2017




Meeting was called to order.


Board members present were Christy Dollymore, Nick Brennan, Bob Catlin, Chad Stern, Jim Nealis, Rose Colby, Harry Pitt. Also present were Councilmen PJ Brennan and Munroe Dennis.


Motion made and accepted to accept the treasurer's report, passed unanimously.


Motion made and accepted to accept the minutes, passed unanimously.


Christy Dollymore and Liesl Koch announced that they need to step down as President and Recording Secretary at the end of this term year.


Christy mentioned the idea of having less frequent meetings, maybe quarterly to help entice members to volunteer to serve on board positions.


Janet McCaslin from City of College Park was here to talk. She is the Sustainability Coordinator from Public Works. The city is offering mulch for $28 / cu yd. available from city. She also spoke about items that are recyclable, and that stickers will be put on recycling containers in the near future. Be sure to call Public Works 301-474-4194, when you need a bulk pickup. Soft yard debris (leaves and grass) gets picked up on the same day as trash day. Branches get picked up on Thursdays and Fridays.  Bundle branches and tie, no longer than 5'. Tires are $4.


From Lt Gregory Ford from MD National Capital Park Police PG County, mgr of investigative services section, here to talk about Park safety in CP, Berwyn, and trails. Park crime has been down, however, the first quarter of 2017 spiked in # of crimes, all over the county. While on trails, be alert, keep eye contact, pay attention. Emergency phone # 301-459-3232  Non emergency # 301-459-9088. Call to report anything large or small.


Mayor Patrick Wojahn spoke about the status of the budget meetings and invited everyone to attend Saturday's budget meeting. Public hearing on the budget will be heard May 9 or on the public access tv channel.  April is mayor's challenge for water conservation.


PJ Brennan announced that a pad is being installed the in Jack Perry plaza for the bike share program. The mid town study is about complete and will be presented on campus and at city hall. Farmers markets will be opening this weekend. Hollywood opens Sat at 9, and College Park opens Sunday at 10. Mom's has made a deal to move into REI with the pet store and a café early next year. Mom's space is still not leased.


Monroe Dennis announced that there is a possibility that the Enclave will get some retail soon, maybe a dessert place?


Pepco may be planting some trees along the trail. PJ Brennan announced that there is a grant available for up to $150 for planting new trees. More info on the city website.


Maryland Day is Saturday April 29. College Park 5K run is May 6 at 8am. Every Saturday at 9am is a Park Run off Metzerott Rd that is free. United Methodist Church April 26 is Arbor Day


Movies in the park Fridays June 30 July 28 August 25 at the Berwyn park.


PJ, Nick moved to adjourn meeting.


In attendance:


Nick Brennan

Marc McCaslin

Janet McCaslin

Harvey Himmelfarb

Chris Gordon

Patrick Wojahn

Lt Gregory Ford, MD Park Police

Harry Pitt

Bob Catlin

Monroe Dennis

Jim Nealis

Kyle McCormick

Rose Greene Colby

Chad Stern

Christy Dollymore

Kevin Young

Karyn Keating-Volke