Berwyn District Civic Association Meeting

April 16, 2020


Meeting was held via Zoom video due to Coronavirus.  BDCA board members attending: Bob Catlin, Lily Fountain, Tim Triplett, Ron Cameau, Karyn Keating, Jim Nealis, Chad Stern.  Other attendees included PJ Brennan, Monroe Dennis, Mayor Wojahn, Marina and Chris Dullnig, Kelly Jordan, Jason and Maddie ?, Curry Rose, Richard Winston, Dennis McGrath, Liesl Koch


Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m.  Previous meeting minutes were accepted (February) and seconded. The BDCA currently has $1,850 in the bank, and Lily sent copy of the funds account to Tim.  Mayor Wojahn addressed the coronavirus pandemic – the city and county are tackling this issue, and the county hot line at 301-883-6627 can assist.  See for city updates.  The 20740-zip code area has 43 cases – please continue social distancing, wearing masks, etc.  African American and Latino communities are especially hard-hit.  You can go to Fed-Ex Field to be tested for the virus but must have a doctor’s order.  Route1maskmatch on Facebook can help get masks.  The essential stores staying open include groceries, restaurants, home-supply (i.e., Home Depot), and check the city web site for other open businesses.


Lily reminded folks to wash masks often.  Marina asked if Berwyn News would be printed again but Chad said no decision has been made.  Karyn moved to accept Chad’s treasurer report, seconded and approved. 


Councilmember Brennan said the covid focus was on the most vulnerable people – elderly, living alone, so please engage with them!  About $12,000 in grants were made to two city aid agencies – the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels.  Chef Andres? Central Kitchen is helping with meals at Attick Towers, Spellman House, homeless and battered spouse shelters.  Noted that playgrounds are closed, and people should walk counterclockwise around Lake Artemesia.  Trash and recycling pick-ups continue as usual. City meetings are ongoing via the web.  A new community center is in the works for College Park Woods.  Liesl asked about new city developments, and PJ said a new site plan is being developed for new construction at the Marathon Deli site just off Rt. 1.  Mayor Wojahn said a new student development is planned for the Hartwick Rd. area.  Chris Dullnig asked about the census count – Jim Nealis from city’s Complete Count Committee said the count is struggling with the pandemic.  UM has yet to provide Census Bureau with a ‘data dump’ of on-campus residents, so city count is still low. Faculty are mentioning the Census in communications with students.  Enumerators will not go door-to-door until much later than usual. 


Mayor Wojahn said he believes there is a 50-50 chance that UM will not open for Fall, 2020 – that classes will be on-line, which will hurt local businesses relying on student customers.  Lily wondered if campus had a ‘link’ like ‘Blackboard’ to reach all students at once – that would be helpful.  Councilmember Dennis informed us Mrs. Lomax, wife of previous mayor, had passed away, and Karyn said BDCA would send a condolence card.  Monroe also said Meals on Wheels and the Food Bank need volunteers.  Chad asked if local business La Prima Catering could help with food distribution, but PJ was not sure.  Lily had listed them in our newsletter.  Curry Rose will work on a plan to audit the neighborhood about who wants an electronic newsletter vs. paper copy. 


Tim and Lily discussed holding more meetings via the web.  Karyn moved to adjourn, PJ seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 8:42 p.m.


Notes compiled by Jim Nealis