Berwyn District Civic Association Thursday, February 19, 2015

  1. Agenda Item 1. Officer Black Report. COPS Officer Black reported that the neighborhood has been fairly quiet. There were a few break‐ins in Old Town over the Christmas break but otherwise it’s been one of the quietest winter breaks in years. Traffic really picks up when kids at Holy Redeemer are dismissed from school. He has seen a lot of parents run the stop sign and has issued warnings. Bring traffic problems such as that one to his attention. Keep him notified of large and/or loud parties. If businesses on Route 1 don’t clear their sidewalks after a snowstorm, that should be reported to the City, not to the police.

  2. Agenda Item 2. Officers Present. In addition to President Kevin Young, officers present were 1st Vice President Harry Pitt, Recording Secretary Liesl Koch, Board of Directors Member Bob Catlin, Neighborhood Watch Director Nick Brennan, and Welcome Committee Chair Christy Dollymore.

  3. Agenda Item 3. Approval of Minutes. Motions were made to accept into the record minutes of the November 2014 and January 2015 meetings. The motions were seconded. The motions passed by a show of hands.

  4. Agenda Item 4. New Business. If residents of rental units are not clearing their sidewalk after a snow, call code enforcement. It was recommended that in addition to calling Code Enforcement each time, you ask them to be more proactive.

Sandy Tyler reported on the recent discussions about how to spend the maintenance money of the mural that had been on the side of the auto parts store. The BDCA Board received several ideas but lots of them wouldn’t work for one reason or another. The current proposal is to have a mosaic sign made. Sandy got a good estimate for it. But the sign can’t be round. The proposed colors are brown and green; the mosaic will be in glass. The sign will say “Berwyn, est. 1896.” Two possible locations for the sign were discussed: (i) toward the end of the first block on Berwyn Road as you enter the neighborhood, or (ii) near the Jack Perry memorial. The first option received more support, but it will be up to the City, since we’ll have to ask their help with erecting the sign. The sign will be 24” in diameter. The Mayor suggested that it might be good for other neighborhoods in College Park to have similar signs. There might be enough leftover money in the fund to have one made for both Berwyn and Branchville.

Mr. Kennedy, who painted the aforementioned mural, had also painted the same scene on canvas. He is donating the picture to BDCA. We will want to get it framed, then we’ll have to decide where to put it.

Delegate Joseline Pena‐Melnyk is sponsoring a bill (HB682) that would allow citizens to bring an item to a referendum more easily, lowering from 20 percent to 5 percent the percentage of voters needed to bring a referendum to a vote in a municipality. The 20 percent threshold was considered a problem because of the size of the student population. A motion was made to write a letter in support of Bill 682. The motion was seconded and passed. The Mayor reported that the City will be considering the same issue at next Tuesday’s meeting.

5. Agenda Item 5. Treasury Report. Treasurer Lori Young was not present. President Young read the financial reports for the past two months (the January report was not presented at the January meeting because of time constraints). The two financial reports appear below:



A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the January 16, 2015, treasury report into the record. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the February 19, 2015, treasury report into the record.

Dan Stafford has agreed to serve as BDCA’s membership chair.

  1. Agenda Item 6. College Park Academy. Bob Catlin reported that the College Park Academy’s Board of Directors had its first meeting with President Loh two weeks ago.

    Over 1,000 people applied for 100 spots in the most recent lottery.

  2. Agenda Item 7. Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch Director Nick Brennan reported that the neighborhood will see 10 new “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” signs sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. (The signs were donated by Nick and PJ Brennan.)

  3. Agenda Item 8. College Park Community Foundation. Nick Brennan reminded everybody of the College Park Community Foundation’s “Taste of Spring” event to be held on Sunday, March 29th, from 4pm‐7pm, at the Fishnet Restaurant. BDCA members are entitled to a $5 discount on purchase of tickets.

  4. Agenda Item 9. Council Member Report. Councilman PJ Brennan is encouraged by the participation in our neighborhood on City committees. One Berwyn resident is on the Election Board and another is on the Quality of Life Committee. There are still always plenty of opportunities for anyone interested in serving on a board or commission.

    The Ridgway property has been sold and will become a monastery, with sleeping quarters for nine, for Hare Krishnas.

    The City Council has been discussing the City’s strategic plan.

    The next “Eat Smart, Eat Local” event will take place this coming Wednesday at 7pm at the Kangnum BBQ restaurant that replaced Seven Seas. State Senator Jim Rosapepe will be there.

  5. Agenda Item 10. Mayor’s Report. Mayor Andrew Fellows reported that in addition to revising the strategic plan, the City is undergoing a search for a new City Manager, as Joe Nagro is retiring. The public will be asked for their input, once the field is narrowed down to a few candidates.

    The budget will be a little challenging. Real estate assessments are going up in College Park. Keene Developers have asked for more flexibility on the LEED criteria for the project on

    Berwyn House Road.

  6. Agenda Item 11. President’s Report. President Kevin Young reported that on account of the weather the Branchville Crossing developers had to cancel a meeting they were scheduled to have with the North College Park Civic Association. BDCA had an agreement – a binding contract – with the developer about the project in 1987. President Young has been in touch with David Ross, who was President of BDCA at the time. Nowhere in the 1987 documents does it say that the units will be subsidized housing. President Young has also been in touch with former Mayor Anna Owens and Mike Parsons, who was our Councilman at the time. It’s a very large project for such a small parcel of land. There’s a problem with the location. Currently we’re waiting to see the detailed site plan.

  7. Agenda Item 12. Unfinished Business. There was no unfinished business.

  8. Agenda Item 13. Other Business. A resident complained that the decrease in number of parking spots on the UMD campus will mean more students parking in our neighborhood.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00pm.

Meeting attendees (from sign‐up sheet):

Steve Beavers Nick Brennan PJ Brennan Robert Catlin

Christy Dollymore

Ben Flamm Chris Gordon Beth McAllister Liesl Koch Harry Pitt

Dan Stafford Chad Stern Sandy Tyler Kevin Young

Liesl Koch, Recording Secretary, BDCA.