Berwyn District Civic Association (BDCA)

Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2005


1. Tim called the meeting to order at 8:00. He followed with the roll call for officers.


2. Presentation – This meeting’s presentation was given by Claire Sale from the City of College Park; she presented the city’s next Economic Development Plan.

            A.  She explained that the purpose of the plan is to analyze the factors affecting the city’s economy; to make recommendations regarding the future of the city’s economy; and to provide a more concerted effort to recruit new businesses by creating a positive and inviting environment in which developers/businesses will invest/relocate.

            B. This plan also comes from a general concern for the safety and cleanliness of the city.

            C. The whole plan is available on the city’s website:

            D. Claire can be contacted directly via the following:  301.277.3445 and/or


3. By-Laws. A motion was made to pass the newly revised by-laws; all were in favor, and the motion passed.


4. Neighborhood Watch Teams. There seems to be a lot of interest in developing Neighborhood Watch Teams.

A. It was also brought to our attention that many of our Neighborhood Watch Block Captains do not live in the Berwyn community anymore. Given that, it seems that we need to update and strengthen our Neighborhood Watch task force.

B. Several people volunteered to be new block captains. Tim will relay this to Janeen.

C. Mark Seaton proposed teams that would walk around and survey the community.

1. Should this ‘survey’ be on foot or in car? It was informally decided that this might be best done on foot in at least groups of 2 people, possibly up to 4 people.

2. These ‘walk-arounds’ may begin in March about a day or two before the BDCA meeting. This way, updates could be given at the meetings.

3. The purpose of these walk-around is really just to increase safety in our community (e.g. let people know to keep front porch lights on, to look for anything suspicious, etc.)

5. Treasurer Update. Al gave us our most current budget overview.

            A.  Last month, we received $350.00 in ads, $370.00 in dues, and $70.00 in donations.

            B.  We paid out $200.00 ea. for the January and February newsletters and paid $200.00 for our PO Box.

            C.  This gives us a current balance of $965.93.


6. Committee Updates.

            A. Amy Noggle provided the update on the Welcoming Committee. The committee was recently granted $1000.00 from the City of CP to use for materials and production. This committee is still looking for new members. Call Amy @ 301.446.3768 if you are interested.

            B.  Harry Pitt reported on the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition (NPC) and its most recent progress.

                        1. The NPC is now incorporated! However, it still needs funds to apply for a tax identification number.  A motion was made for the BDCA to pay $30.00 to fund this process; all were in favor, and the motion passed.

                        2. Update on the Eichberg property hearing. Harry reported that much to our disappointment, the non-conforming use of the Eichberg property was granted, meaning that he is allowed to have two family dwellings on his property.

a. However, the good news may be that he is not allowed to house more that 6 people total on the property (which is better than the proposed 10).

b. It is possible that we can appeal this decision; Harry is looking into this.

                        3. Harry also reiterated that we need stricter code enforcement.

            4. He also suggested that the NPC is thinking about a program in which realtors

 may be given an incentive (e.g. 1 point) to find families for our homes vs. renters.

            C.  The Park Committee was just formed. We do not have any updates at this point.

            D.  The Directory Committee is still finalizing all of the neighborhood information. Lorie Young has taken on this big task. If you have not yet filled out your information form, you should contact Lorie to give her this info.


7. BDCA Event Updates. Tim talked about upcoming Berwyn events.

            A. The potluck dinner will be held on March 5th. Please contact Doug Hunter @ ??? if you are interested in attending. Janeen may arrange for a police officer to be at this meeting to talk more about the Neighborhood Watch program.

            B.  It has been informally decided that there will be no garage sale this year. We may make it a bi-annual event instead of holding it every year. Unless Tim hears from anyone who is really set on having it this spring, this is the decision.

            C. We are in the thought stages of planning a Spring Clean-Up Day.

            D. Berwyn Day. We need to plan this early this year! Is anyone interested in chairing this committee? It would be a great way to meet many neighbors.

            E. Website Name – We need one. Tim may have some kind of ‘contest’ to name the Berwyn website.


8. New Business.

            A. Jerry and Jack broached the subject of a covenant which would allow a seller to restrict the sale of his/her property to an owner-occupier. Jerry will look into this possibility further.


9. Councilmen Updates.

            A. Update from Bob Catlin.

1. The Al Jenkins case should go to court this summer. Look for more information soon.

2. The code violation hearing for the Ridgeway property will be held on March 9th @ 1:15 p.m. in Hyattsville.

3. It is possible that rent caps be instituted at some point in the future. This will be discussed at the council’s March work session and may be up for vote (?) in April.

                        4. The city is still looking for a manager.

            B. Update from Jack Perry.

1. Lakeland seems to have quite a bit of fundraising going on, as they offer college scholarships to children in their community each year. Maybe something to aspire to?

2. Save your boxtop labels and donate them to Holy Redeemer if you don’t already donate them to another school.